Why is finding the right bra size important for all curvy women?

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Fashion is evolving. Thankfully, dresses, skirts, and frilly blouses are no longer the monopolies of size 0, 2, and 4 customers. Most designer labels are coming up with high fashion clothing that fit the curvaceous women without any alterations. Finding a size 10 or 14 on the racks of design stores is no longer impossible. Honestly, this is a day, many of us have waited for, for decades!

It is no longer a shame or a sin to love our curves, and we dig that! However, the domain of under-fashion is still a bit sketchy. Almost all leading bra designers are trying to create comfortable yet hot underwear lines for curvy women, but they are falling flat either in the comfort zone or in the style zone.

To date, we have had to compromise on style and design to find the right fit. The most common problem women with bigger assets often face is the lack of coordination between the band and the straps. When the band fits snugly, the straps seem to dig into the shoulders, and when the strap is just right, the band and cups don’t provide enough support or lift.

Why should you say goodbye to your old bras?

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An incorrect bra size is not merely annoying. It can be a health hazard for any woman wearing the wrong bra size. Without firm support, larger bust lines can give rise to chronic back pain and a headache at the end of a long day. However, finding the right bra fit is like locating the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow in retail stores. The only ones that do fit are exuberantly costly, and we definitely feel tempted to keep them for our finer party wear where the shimmery cloth might offer a glimpse of the lace underneath.

Apart from health concerns, the wrong fit can take away the elegance of a gorgeous dress. Even your daily work shirts, blouses, and t-shirts might look awkward with cups that are barely full or demi-cups that push most of the breast tissue upwards. We have observed that women who wear misfitting bras often lack confidence. They are mostly aware of the lack of proper fit since the upper wear tends to reflect the lack of fit inside.

How to find the right bra size for you?

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Finding the right fit for your bra may not be rocket science, but it isn’t a child’s play either. Going in for a professional fitting is one of the fastest and surest ways of finding the right size for all curvy women. You should remember to take off the additional layers of clothing, including tight-fitting compression wear or camisoles when the professional takes the measurement. The specialist should ideally use a tape measure to measure the band size – that is the area on your rib cage just under the breast. Next, the specialist will measure your bust line.

The difference between the bust line measure and the band measure will give you the cup size.  The fitting specialist may ask you to bring in a couple of bras from a brand for trying on. Then the professional can check what additional features can benefit you including additional back support, thicker bra bands, seams on the side to prevent bulging, full-coverage cups, demi cups, spacer cups or minimizer bras. If you are looking for plus-size bras, make sure to check out https://hauteflair.com/collections/plus-size-lingerie

Why do women find bra sizes confusing?

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You may have gone through this elaborate process of measurement and trial before. However, right now, you find yourself with a mélange of misfit plus-size bras, all of which claim to be of the same size. What happens when you are switching from one brand to another or shopping from another country. 44DDD in the USA is not the same as 44DDD in England. Besides, two brands from the same country can have a different measurement or fit chart giving their products utterly different band and cup sizes.

Each time you switch brands or try a new “under fashion” designer, don’t just go for the largest bra size they offer. While your patent brand may offer 46F as the largest size, another new designer brand can provide you with a 46H. You should check their sizing charts to ensure that you are picking the right fit.

When is it time to buy new bras?

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According to babeappeal.com sometimes women complain that their old bras feel too tight or the straps keep sliding off their shoulders. That happens because our bodies are dynamic. When we lose some weight or pack a few pounds, a significant part of it goes to the back and our breasts. Something similar happens when someone loses weight.

  1. Bras may have loose bands because they are old and they have lost elasticity. Or, because you have lost weight and they don’t sit as snugly as they used to.
  2. Straps can slip off when they lose elasticity of when the bands become too loose and ride up your back. You can tighten them if your bra otherwise fits perfectly.
  • The straps are digging in. You can use bra-strap pads to prevent that unless your bra is a size too small.
  1. The bands can dig in because the band size is too small. Go for the same cup size but go up a band size for a comfortable fit.
  2. Your under-boobs can hurt, feel tender or itchy if the underwired bra is too old or the fabric has frayed. While it’s fixable, you might want to reconsider buying another one for your comfort.
  3. Cups can spill over and make the situation uncomfortable for any woman when the cup size is a bit too small. Move up a cup size for better fit and comfort.
  • Too much stretching and sagging is NOT normal. Go in for a professional fitting session, since you might be in need of a new set of bras.

Sudden weight loss, pregnancy, diet change, and gaining weight can all affect your bra size. Experts recommend going in for bra size fittings every six-months or so, to keep your wardrobe updated with correct fitting bras.

Bras are so much more than under-fashion. They can be a source of confidence for the awkward teens as well as the blooming young entrepreneur. Finding the right size can change your world for the better and make all the clothes you own much better