TX9 Pro Android TV Box Review

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Android TV boxes have started to become very popular these days. They are great if you want to improve your television set at home, to easily manage your media, if you travel a lot you can carry it anywhere and more. These decisions are a dongle or a box that can plug into your TV. You can then use this Android TV box so you can watch higher quality content such as movies and TV series, while also giving you the ability to use streaming services and more. They can come in all kinds of shapes or sizes which can deliver many different features.

Android is an OS or Operating System, similar to Windows on your computer, but it was created mostly for phones. However, since this operating system is completely free, TV boxes have adopted it and have been using it for years. This is what enables them to turn your TV into something much more capable.

The TX9 Pro is just that. An android TV box capable of changing your TV completely. With this device, you can easily sit back, relax and watch your favorite tv show, movies or even play your favorite games. This tv box has several features, and we are to go through every single one of them.


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When opening the box of the box (pun intended) we first see the remote control (which needs two AAA batteries that were not included), a charger, an HDMI, manual and the TV Box itself. The design of this device is pretty elegant and nice to look at, while the quality of the plastic feels strong and reliable. With its minimalistic design, you can add this pretty box anywhere in your room near your TV.

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  • Operating system: Android 7.1
  • CPU: Amlogic S912 Octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU up to 2GHz
  • GPU: ARM Mali-T820MP3 GPU up to 750MHz
  • SDRAM: 3GB
  • EMMC Flash: 32G
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi: 802.1.1 b/g/n AC(2.4G+5.8G)
  • SPDIF: Coaxial
  • 4k support
  • Two USB 2.0
  • Card Reader
  • … and more

Because of its external power adapter, the size of the TX9 is small and perfect for any place you plan to set it. With its more than enough ram memory and its amazing picture quality, your viewing pleasure will definitely be increased. Whether you are playing your favorite android games, watching sports, movies or TV series, you will love the experience. You can add almost any type of media file and it will read it. It supports all video files, all types of music files and you can download any android game you want without any issues. With the price being just around 45 dollars, it is a great investment that can make your life much easier while increasing the quality of your viewing experience. At this price point, it is probably better than other competitors.