Top 6 Reasons Why Should you Buy a Bumper Pool Table – 2024 Guide

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Many people who are in love with billiard sports tend to have a bumper pool table in their home. Keep reading to understand why people prefer it more than a full-size billiard table.

Have you ever been to a bar with your friends that has a pool table? If you have, then you probably have a good idea of just how fun it can be to play this tabletop game. It’s social, it requires skill and you can team up against your friends. What is there not to love about it? What makes it even cooler is the fact that you can play various different games on it, you are not limited to just one. You can even invent your own rules if you want to.

Unfortunately, the fun ends when the bar starts closing down. If you didn’t manage to end the round against your friend on time, you will probably be looking for a rematch. But, why should you wait for the bar to open when you can get a pool table right in your home? Of course, not everyone has a free room and enough space to put a full-size table in it, but there are alternatives that are just as good.

Some alternatives might be even better than the real deal. A bumper pool table is perfect for those that want to hone their skills of this game and for those that do not have a lot of room in their home.

Smaller in size

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This is one of the biggest benefits of owning a bumper table. The fact that it takes almost half the size of the “real thing” is simply amazing. You can play any billiard game you want on it and you can put it anywhere you want. You can fit in your bedroom right next to your bed, in the living room, in the dining room, or maybe in your gaming room. You won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space because these things are simply tiny when compared to a full-sized billiard.

Of course, you will have a hard time readjusting when you will need to play classic billiard on a full-sized table, but that isn’t such a problem. Assuming that you are not aiming to become a professional, a bumper billiard table is definitely the best choice for your home.

They are cheaper

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Have you seen just how much original-size billiard tables actually cost? A cheap and unreliable one will be around $700 to $1500 bucks. Investing so much money into something that is made out of cheap materials is not a smart idea. When you pay a thousand dollars for something, you would expect that it could endure a lot and that it would last at least four or five years.

Investing in a high-quality table, you will need to spend at least $2500 dollars. Of course, this will last you for years and years because they are usually made out of sturdy wood. But, note that the price is a bit high. It doesn’t really make sense to invest so much money into a hobby. This is why we think that a bumper pool table is the best option for those that do not plan on playing professionally. You can check this article where you can find tons of different reviews for this kind of product. There are surely several different brands that are well priced.

They look good

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A bumper billiard may not look as good as the regular one made out of mahogany or some other very expensive wood, but it still looks pretty cool. Getting this for your gaming room will surely make it look much better. It fills the room with a bit of style and gives it an old-school vibe. Just imagine the looks of your friends when you take them home and you show them that you have your own billiard your home. You will definitely get a lot of praise on the aesthetics of your home because of this item.

They are lighter

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Another great benefit of a bumper pool is the fact that it is very light. The heaviest one will not weight any more than 350 LBS while a full-sized one will be well over 1,000 pounds. Many people do not understand that this is actually a great benefit. First of all, getting the billiard in your home will be much easier. It is three times lighter and it is smaller in size which means you can get it through the stairs of your building or through the doors of your house.

Most of the models are pretty light which means that a single person can carry them.

No premium brand pricing

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Most of the brands that manufacturer regular-sized billiards will charge you a premium price. What does this exactly mean? Well, it basically means that you are not getting anything out of that extra cash you are paying other than the fact that you are buying a branded product. The cheaper products might use worse materials, but the price gouging from the known brands is still not justified.

Fortunately, in the bumper pool industry, most of the brands out there use premium materials without placing a premium price on their products.

Keep in mind that there are some companies that do use poor quality materials too.

Can be used for training

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If you truly want to beat your friends in a round of 8-ball at the bar then you will need to do some training. But, instead of going to the bar to train, you can just order one of these little bumper pool tables and you will be able to do your training at home. It might not be the same feeling as a full-sized billiard, but it is definitely very similar to it. The skills that you will learn can be utilized in any kind of billiard games.

We believe that these reasons will be more than enough to convince you that bumper pool tables are a great addition to one’s home.