Why wedding invitations should be just one part of your wedding pack?

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When it comes to the running of your big day, there are a million and one things to think about and the last thing that you want is to be the one worrying about it all.

Unless you’ve chosen to hire a wedding planner or you have the best of best of intentions, there are still going to be things that you need to sort on the day itself.

Having planned it, organised it and then paid for it, you would be forgiven for wanting to put your feet up and just enjoy your dream day, but more of then not, that’s not how it is going to go.

On the day in question, there are always so many aspects to oversee, things to think about and things that could possibly go wrong. From guest parking to seating arrangements and then there’s the food, you don’t really want to be worrying about it all.

Sometimes, your day gets lost in a blur of constant questions and choices and it’s over before you’ve even had a glass of wine.

Well, we have a suggestion for you because there’s a new trend taking over the wedding world, which could save your big day for you. It’ll take minimum effort, a tiny amount of extra thought and a small chunk of your budget, but ultimately it could be the difference between you enjoying your big day and not.

These days, as well as sending out an invitation, people are opting to send a wedding pack to their guests, using it to include ALL of the information that will help your day play out more swimmingly. In essence, a wedding pack includes everything that guests need to know, meaning that you can rely on them to do some of the hard work for you. For more information on beautiful wedding invitation designs and inspiration, check out https://www.brideandgroomdirect.co.uk/wedding-invitations

Gift guide

Is it just us, or is gift buying one of the hardest aspects of the wedding season? Will they want it? What if it’s too much? What if they hate it? What if they don’t need one? And on and on and on.


Don’t be that couple. Be the couple that answers those questions in advance and saves your guests copious amounts of times and bother. It’s one of the first things that we would suggest including in your pack. Most department stores now do wedding lists, where you’re given a link to your specific list, if that’s the case, go ahead and add this to your pack. But even if you don’t have one, tell your guests exactly what you’re hoping for.

Besides, at least you get what you want that way and avoid any awkward situations.


These are the saving grace of modern weddings and can easily save you a ton of hassle on your big day. They’re super customisable and can contain any information that you think that your guests might need.

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Include things like a schedule for the day, perhaps a rough idea of how people will be seated, information on parking for your guests and there’s loads more that you could chose to add too.

Top tip – you can also turn these into a keepsake, allowing guests to keep them after they go home.


Last, but certainty not least, include a copy of the menu that you intend to serve. If your guests have numerous dishes, this is going to save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Consider adding a copy that they can keep, perhaps even with boxes next to each menu, to help them to remember their choices.

If there’s one thing that we can guarantee about weddings, it’s that there’ll be one drunk relative and at least one person who forgets what they ordered.

Great, so what are you waiting for, go and order your wedding pack and enjoy your big day. You can thank us later.