Why Your Dog Should Be on an Organic, Grain-Free Diet

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Dog owners love their four-legged family members, and that’s why you want to be sure that you’re providing them with nothing but the best every single day. One area where it is all too easy to come up short is in the food you’re feeding your dog. With so many brands on the market, it can be hard to know which choice is best. Indecision often leads to choices based on buying what’s most affordable as opposed to what’s most healthy. If your dog’s diet is not organic, here are some compelling reasons to make the switch.

What is Organic Food?

Although there is a great deal of debate over what processes should and should not disqualify a product from an organic classification, the USDA is a reliable source for organic labeling. If food has passed USDA standards that means it was cultivated within the rigorous guidelines pertaining to the use of pesticides or other potentially harmful elements. This means it’s cleaner and healthier than a similar, non-organic alternative.

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The Benefits of an Organic Diet

The primary reason to switch your dog over to an organic diet is that it is more healthy. When dog owners change over their dog’s food they commonly report more spring in their dog’s step and better results when undergoing testing at the vet. Organic foods are also an excellent part of a balanced diet for weight loss, as many non-organic options contain higher fat and oil levels. You’d be amazed at how happy and healthy your dog can be once you swap out their less-healthy kibble for an organic brand that is packed with nutrients.

Why Organics Work

Study after study has found that organic diets have a positive effect on the longevity and energy levels of animals consuming them. Not only do diets mean there is no risk of contamination from harmful pesticides and chemicals, but this type of products themselves are often more nutritious as well. From organic milk to plants, studies have shown higher levels of natural nutrients when the source was raised organically, and that means more nutrition per bite for your dog.

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Keep Your Dog’s Diet Natural

One common mistake dog owners make when purchasing food for their pups is to think that all organic options are created equal. Another important element to consider when shopping for food is the natural diet of the animal eating it. If your dog was out in the wild it would not be eating a grain-heavy diet, yet many dog foods use organic grains to fill out the kibble. Since you should be targeting foods a dog would naturally eat, opt for grain-free organic dog food.

The Ethical Value of Organic Foods

Although the health and happiness of your dog should obviously be the top priority when choosing a food for them, the good news it’s not the only excellent reason to go organic. Check out Dirtyfurclothing when buying organic dog food. You are getting food which is organically sourced, which is a more ethical model of cultivation which has fewer negative effects on the environment. So, with an organic dog food you don’t just help the dog you love, but the planet as a whole.

With so many benefits to choosing this type of food for your dog, there’s no good reason to wait to make the switch. Pick up a bag of grain-free dog food today and make the move to organic when your current bag runs out. Your dog will thank you when it finds renewed energy and just a little bit more pep in its step every day.