Wi-Fi – Good or Bad to Health?  

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Life without Wi-Fi? Well, something like that cannot be imagined in the 21st century. There is a notion that the world would stop if there is not more Wi-Fi. As it becomes spread around the globe and available on every corner, from cafes, restaurant and public Wi-Fi spots, there are many concerns regarding its impact on health and whether it can harm it seriously.  

In the recent years, hundreds of articles and research papers have been published and presented that simply try to demonstrate how Wi-Fi is bad for humans’ health. However, this was categorically denied by the WHO (World Health Organization).  

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Wi-Fi Equipment 

Wi-Fi criticizers and all those who think that it is bad for our health started with the criticism of the equipment that is used for setting up and functioning of Wi-Fi. Some of this equipment include various routers and other gadgets. What are they allegedly causing? Critics have been claiming that these cause severe illnesses such as cancer and that they can even cause insomnia. There are some articles that even claim that those can cause hyperactivity within children. All this, of course, was tested by experts and it has been categorically denied.  


When Wi-Fi is mentioned, many critics start with the mentioning of radiation and its bad influence on one’s health. However, this is simply ignorance. Radiation s present every day, and it comes from the Sun! Yes, the Sun emits radiation every day and it is needed for the life on the Earth. The radiation that is used for transmitting Wi-Fi signals is not bad at all since it is non-ionizing one. People tend to connect radiation with power plant and nuclear catastrophes, but this is not the case here. Here it is used only for channeling the signal in order to get a better signal quality.  

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The mention of Wi-Fi and X-rays is often connected. To put it simply: the exposure to x-rays that are harmful is so unlikely in a person’s lifetime that it can do no harm. Especially, the one emitted from the Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the exposure to ionizing radiation can be bad and the exposure to it should be limited.  


The biggest delusion here comes also from the radiation and waves that come from microwaves. First of all, those waves emit radiation which is simply insignificant and the equipment is so well-designed and protected that it is absolutely not harmful to one’s health. The radiation and waves are, as within routers, the biggest at the center of the equipment, as you go further from it, it simply diminishes.  


So, why all this fuss? Well, there have been hundreds of articles on the topic of the bad influence of Wi-Fi, routers, and microwaves to one’s health that people started believing in it. However, this is simply not true since none of those is actually bad for a person’s health. This has also been researched and confirmed by the WHO.