Winning Poker Hands: What Are The Best Hands In Poker


Poker is one of the few games that will never cease to be at the top of their popularity. People’s interest in this game dates back a long time ago, and every day new poker fans are emerging. To be a good player in this game you will need several things and skills. The first is to be lucky enough to have a good mixture of playing cards, to know how to bluff in situations when you do not have very good cards in your hand and to observe well the people around you and recognize their bluff.

Perhaps the biggest part of the victory would be the cards you got because bluffing is a skill that not everyone can improve. Today we will share with you the best card combinations that you can drop to win and take the chips of the other players. The ultimate five-card hands, ranked from the weakest to the top best, include the following:

1. Straight


Although different variations can bring you victory, today we will list only a few that we consider being one of the best combinations that can fall in a game. The first, which is one of the weaker ones, is the well-known straight. In this hand of cards, all 5 cards are numbered sequentially, and the color or symbol has no role. Ace in this situation can have two roles, the first is when it starts as 1 followed by two, three, four and five, and the second combination is combined with the royals, and 10 and takes the place above the king.

2. Flush


In this winning hand, you need have the same symbol, whether it is spades, hearts, or the other two. Their numerological placement has no effect as long as all of them belong to the same sign. Many people neglect the importance of this, but keep in mind that this combination can bring you a huge victory if the other side has a straight, two pairs, or three of a kind.

3. Full house


This is one of the mixes you can get in a game like this and it has a high value. To make this move you need to have three cards in your hand with the same value but with different symbols, and in addition, you need two more cards also with the same number and different symbols. The higher the values, for example, if you have three jacks and two 10s, the higher the value of the full house.

4. Straight flush


This combination can only be won by the hand we hold for the first place, which means that it is valued and unique in the poker game. These are cards that are sorted by numbers as follows, but the trick is that their symbols are the same. For example, cards starting from 5 hearts up to 10 hearts. As the name implies, this is a hand made up of a combination of a flush and straight and gets the name.

5. Royal flush


And of course, as the best-ranked hand you can have in poker, and there is no better than this, is the good old royal flush. The name itself indicates what cards you need to complete this victory, and these are the ones that have the highest values, ie ace, kings, queens, jacks, and 10. But the point of this hand is all these cards that you hold in your hand have the same symbol, then your victory is guaranteed.

Now you know what cards you need to have one of the best and most invincible variants of poker. If you want to have the best-ranked hand, then we recommend you to immediately go to one of the best Australia casinos and try your luck.