How to Stream Youtube Videos Online Without Any Interrupting Ad – 2024 Guide


Online youtube video streaming is fun no matter what your age is. Youtube is an online streaming platform with over 2 billion users each day. 70% of the total watch times of youtube videos come from mobile devices.

It’s annoying when an ad pops up before the start or in the middle of the video. It makes the users wait for the ad to pass first and then you can have entertainment. Unfortunately, youtube does not have an ad-block feature. But that does not mean you have to watch the ads no matter what. The modern world of the 21st century has the solution to all your problems. The new vanced application has an in-built ad-block and many more features that a youtube streamer dream to get.

Why do the ads appear?


Youtube has an incredible watch time of one billion hours daily. It has beaten the Facebook and Netflix watch time combined. No other app than youtube has this much watch time and content. More than 300 hours of content is being uploaded daily on youtube. This diverse content and quality make the users choose youtube for online video streaming whether for entertainment, academic help, or information.

Youtube runs ads between the videos and kind of annoys the users. It consumes time and energy to wait for the ad to pass before a user starts to watch the desired video. The main reason behind it is businesses that want to promote their products in front of a large audience. They tend to earn their name and increase their sales. The businesses and companies will continue to promote their products. The rate will continue to increase and not lessened. It means there will be more ads in the future instead of lessening. The users are annoyed and want some moments of peace with uninterrupted video streaming.

How to block youtube ads?


Youtube holds the record of top second application with the worse ads collection. Its ads are sometimes objectionable to the users and they just want to block the ads. But unfortunately, youtube has given this feature to its prime members only. It costs $12 per month to be a youtube prime member and yet they cannot have most of the desired features. You do not have to waste your money when you can get amazing features for free.

We care for you and want the best for you. The applications and websites help you to get over these problems by giving you access to uninterrupted video streaming.

Here is how you can block the youtube ads:

  • You do not have the option of blocking ads within the youtube application. It is mandatory to have the right application or browser to block youtube.
  • Search the browser and install it on your mobile phone.
  • Make sure your phone has allowed the installation from unknown sources.
  • After you have the application, you can get access to various features in addition to ad blocking
  • Open the application and start streaming online for free. The ad would be blocked automatically.

The best part of the additional browser is that it has the same content as youtube. Everything is the same as youtube with the exception automatically ad blocking and other smart features.

Most requested youtube features:


Although youtube has earned its name and is excelling in the market it creates high inconvenience for the users. It lacks so many features a user requests to have. And the worst part is that even the youtube prime members do not get to have all of the desired features. so the problem stands still. Following are the most requested features of youtube by its users:

  • Background playback feature
  • Video downloading
  • Video to mp3 or mp4 conversion
  • High-quality HD video streaming
  • Picture in picture mode

Users cannot get access to any of these features unless they get the additional browser which can meet all the user’s needs.

Let us take a look at these features too.

Background playback feature:


The feature provides the users with great convenience by allowing them to play the youtube video in the background. You do not have to keep the application open and watch the full video. The application plays the video in the background so you can scroll any other social media platform or take notes. Just tap the background playback option provided by the additional browser and get access to the feature.

Video to mp3 conversion:

Video to mp3 conversion is the demanded feature mostly because the users sometimes do not want to watch the video but listen to the audio-only. The audio can be used as the background audio of your school project. Or you can recreate the video by using the same audio. These are the main benefits for which the users long for this feature.

Video downloading:


The better youtube experience includes downloading the video majorly. It is not possible to have the wifi or mobile data all the time. To end boredom while you are offline or traveling, you want to watch your favorite videos or things you just left for watching later. The additional browser can help you with it. downloading the video saves mobile data. You just consume some MBs once only while you download the video. next time, you can watch the downloaded video and save your mobile data.

Key Benefits of additional browser:

Everyone wants to have a list of benefits before trying something new. The benefits are clear enough by having discussed the amazing features above. It is better to have an additional browser in any way. Here are some key benefits of shifting from the youtube application to the additional browser:

  • No pop up ads anymore
  • You can bookmark your favorite videos
  • You can create your own playlist
  • You do not have to have a youtube account for subscribing to channels
  • Importing or exporting the subscriptions
  • You can stream other applications apart from youtube

You cannot get access to most of these features even by paying youtube. While everything is available for free, why waste money?