How to Look Younger and More Vibrant in 2024


When you’re young and have an entire life in front of you, it’s easy to be vibrant and full of energy. But once you get some experience in the real world and the years pass, you might lose some of that twinkle in your eye. Thankfully, there are ways to restore it.

6 Tips for Looking Young and Timeless

They say age is just a number. And while this is true, you have to work hard to make sure your age doesn’t show you up. By integrating the following tips and techniques into your daily life over the next year, you can increase your chances of looking vibrant and healthy.

1. Eliminate Unnecessary Stress


Nothing makes you look or feel older than chronic stress. And though some stress is normal and good for you, most stress factors are preventable. Here are a few tips:

  • Go through your calendar and purge any recurring obligations or responsibilities that aren’t directly related to your family, career, or important relationships.
  • If you run a business, try reducing your meetings to the bare minimum.
  • Stop procrastinating and create habits that allow you to stay ahead of big projects and other responsibilities that have deadlines attached.
  • Being late is a major stressor. When attending a meeting, date, or event, leave 10 minutes earlier than you think is necessary.
  • There’s ample research to suggest that regular exercise reduces stress and helps people look younger even as they age. Aim to get at least 20 to 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity every single day. (If you’re worried about your joints, try something low-impact, such as swimming.)
  • Keep a gratitude journal and review it on a daily basis. By documenting all of the things that you’re thankful for in your life, you can reframe your mindset and learn to operate out of a place of abundance.
  • Ditch unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, and unhealthy eating. Not only do these crutches make you feel bad (physically), but they also contribute to elevated stress levels.
  • Turn off the news and dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend on social media. You’ll feel an immense weight lifted off your shoulders!

2. Find the Right Look


It’s possible to be stylish at any age. However, don’t confuse being stylish with dressing like someone in their early-20s. As you age, your style should evolve to fit your changing body type, skin type, and even your hair.

The “right look” will depend on dozens of personal factors. However, for the most part, black and neutral colors, the correct bra size, and stylish, modern glasses can shave years off your appearance.

The important thing is to find a look that’s tailored to your age, shape, and personality. You’ll look your best when you’re committed to being true to yourself. Avoid reaching for yesteryear and focus on the new you.

3. Take Care of Your Hair


As you age, you’ll discover that your hair is no longer as thick, strong, and shiny as it once was. Your hair will begin to thin out and become more brittle. You might even notice some gray. And the sooner you deal with these issues, the better off you’ll be.

If you’re losing hair at an accelerated rate, you may try low level laser therapy (LLLT). This is one of the most cost-effective and convenient solutions on the market. (Check out for some good options.)

You’ll also see noticeable improvement when you improve your diet, reduce harsh styling, and make the switch to chemical-free shampoo and conditioner products.

Hair loss doesn’t have to be something you accept as a natural part of aging. Even if it’s in your genes, there are plenty of healthy and proactive ways to fight back.

4. Be Kind to Your Skin


For better or worse, your skin is having a direct and noticeable impact on your age. If you want to look younger, actively take care of your skin to avoid wrinkles and other signs of aging. Dr. Essica Wu suggests:

  • Using a gentler face wash
  • Using retinoids
  • Applying a daily sunscreen product with at least 30 SPF
  • Using a richer face cream with better moisturizing properties
  • Being more mindful of what you eat (cutting down on sugar and carbs)
  • Supplementing your diet with fish oil or flaxseed oil
  • Exfoliate on a weekly basis

If you follow these seven suggestions, you’ll have noticeably smoother and younger looking skin in 90 days or less. The key is to stick with it even after you start seeing results.

5. Find a Hobby That Excites You


It’s imperative that you do things that bring you joy and excitement in life. Whether you’re retired or still working a full-time career, finding a hobby that brings you joy will make you look and feel much younger. It gives you a sense of meaning and purpose that’s hard to manufacture when you spend all of your idle hours watching Netflix on the sofa. Examples include woodworking, painting, gardening, programming, or tennis.

As an added bonus, participating in a hobby typically allows you to meet and interact with new people – something that helps you stay social. (We have a tendency to stick with the same friends as we age, but there’s real value in expanding your circle of influence.)

6. Smile More Often


In one study, young, middle-aged, and older individuals were asked to study thousands of photographs and guess the ages of the models. Each of the models posed with one of six different facial expressions. Neutral expressions were shown to yield the most accurate results. Those with happy faces and smiles, however, were rated consistently younger than they really were.

By smiling more often, you can actually make yourself appear younger and more vibrant. Whether it’s in photos or face-to-face situations, a smile goes a long way towards making you look your best.

Hit the Reset Button!

There’s nothing you can do to reverse your biological clock. You can, however, make yourself look younger and more vibrant. It’s all about the decisions you choose to make (as well as the ones you avoid). Prioritize healthy eating, exercise, hair care, skincare, fashion, and happiness and you’ll look better than you have in years!