3 Ways to Become Taller Naturally – Reach Peak Height with These Growth Factors

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In general, if you’re in your mid 20’s, chances are, you’re probably done growing – sorry to say it! Although, there is still some chance you could grow a few inches. Those of you around 18 -23, years old, still have a chance to sprout up a few inches. If you’re like Dennis Rodman, you may even grow close to a foot – although, very unlikely. Luckily, there are still a few ways to help you get a few inches in height.

What is it about height that drives us to want to pursue it? I’m not sure, but it’s normal to want to grow a few inches and understanding how to do it naturally, and safely, will not only increase your chances of growing but it will do while keeping you healthy. The Health Review says having a balanced diet, staying active and getting rest, are all beneficial ways to support your growth pursuits.

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Balanced Diet

Attaining a well-balanced diet provides you with two things; one increased chances of growth; and second, the appearance of increased height. Ways to accomplish this heavily rely on certain vitamins:

Protein: Proteins assist in the development of growth hormones which are crucial to the growing process as well as strengthening bones. They also enable tissue development and repair.

Calcium: Additionally, calcium is great for bone strengthening and bone health. To help your growth development, it’s important to consume foods with calcium because strong bones allow your growing body to maintain development – 99% of calcium is found in our body is in our bones and our teeth.

Zinc: A growing body needs to stay healthy and strong. Bone development is essential but, likewise, a strong immune system fights off bacteria and viruses, protecting your body from slowly weakening and deteriorating.

Vitamin D: Another essential nutritional component for a healthy diet, which is great for building strong bones. The importance of Vitamin D shares similar components to Zinc and Calcium, protecting and strengthening our bones and teeth.

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Staying Active

Getting outside and staying active is a great way to reduce heart attacks, lower your weight, lower blood cholesterol levels, reduce your chances of acquiring type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, but most importantly, strengthen bones, muscles and joints, reducing chances of developing osteoporosis.

As adults age, it becomes more difficult to exercise, with so many different life obstacles preventing daily exercise. Doctors recommend at least 2.5 hours of daily exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. From running and playing active sports daily to just getting out and going for a walk, they are all great ways to keep the boy healthy, trim weight and live longer.

Getting Rest

Sleep is good. Sleep is a, really, good thing. Sleep increases growth hormone production, which is essential for growth. When sleep patterns are disruptive, it causes stress on the body. The more stress, the less growth production. Getting anywhere between 8-9 hours of sleep is beneficial at any age, but specifically for children, teens and young adults.

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Get Growing

Remember, there’s a small chance growth – or at least a lot of growth – will occur after your mid 20’s but it’s possible. The natural way may not only produce growth, but it will guarantee a healthy and long lasting life. If you don’t shoot up at least, your body will thank you for the efforts!