European Cities – What Bucharest has to offer

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Traveling is no doubts one of the best things that you can spend your time and money on. Your memories will live forever, so why not visit as many places as you can?

There are so many benefits that you get to enjoy by implementing more traveling in your life. Relaxing, meeting new people, discovering new places and filling up with positive energy.

Even doctors recommend traveling as a method to reduce the stress from our daily problems and tasks. We all need some time to “cool out” every once in a while, so why not start now?

In this article, we’re focusing on traveling in Europe, and we’re going to talk about Bucharest, the capital city of Romania and also the largest one in the country. This city is pretty much on every traveler’s list, so we decided to help you get prepared for what you’re about to see if you decide to go there. Let’s begin.

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The house of the Free Press (Casa Presei Libere)

This is an impressive edifice that stands in the northern part of the city. It was built in 1956 by an architect named Horia Maicu. It is the capital of almost all of Romania’s printing presses and also a headquarters of their print media companies. It’s just an amazing construction and you definitely need to see it if you decide to visit Bucharest.

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The Arch of Triumph (Arcul de Triumf)

This construction was made back in 1878 in order to honor the Romanian soldiers that fought and won in the Independence war. Later in 1922 it was rebuilt and reconstructed with stronger materials. The Arch is about ninety feet tall and it has an interior staircase that allows the visitors to climb to the top and enjoy a panoramic view of the city. If you decide to visit all of these places, you will probably need a rent a car Bucharest service which is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to travel the city.

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The Victory Way (Calea Victoriei)

This is the oldest and most famous street in Bucharest. It’s also the most charming and most visited one as well. It was designed back in 1692 in order to connect the Old Princely Court to the Mogosoaia Palace. The name was given after the Romanian soldiers fought victory in the Independence War. Today it is one of the most fashionable streets in Bucharest that is flourished with visitors and tourists every single day. By visiting this place you will also see some of the most impressive buildings in the entire city.

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The Romanian Athenaeum (Ateneul Roman)

This amazing place was constructed by a French architect Albert Galleron, who also was the one that designed Romania’s National Bank. The Athenaeum was finished in 1888 and it was financed entirely by money that were donated by the general public, which makes it even more impressive. The lobby contains beautifully painted decorations and curved balconies. Known worldwide for its outstanding acoustics, today this Athenaeum is the most valuable and unique concert hall in Bucharest and in the entire country as well. A definitely must-visit place if you’re planning on traveling to Romania.