5 Best Beginner Motorcycles

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After you’ve taken a few moments to enjoy the elation of passing your bike test, you can start turning your thoughts to something a little more serious; choosing the right motorcycle.

But, before you run out and purchase the biggest sports bike you can find, you need to consider what size of bike you’re allowed to ride and how much power you can really handle. You also need to think about what style of bike appeals to you most. There’s a big difference between the trials bikes offered by procycles.com.au and the latest Harley.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great beginner motorcycles, take a look at the best 5 here:

  1. Yamaha FZ-07

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This naked bike is a great commuter but it has enough power and torque to help you keep up with anyone else on the road. The really good part is that this is a good looking bike, you’ll turn heads for the right reasons.

It has 689cc and uses a 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with DOHC. What makes it so great as a beginner bike is that it has a linear torque curve. That means you’ll get a smooth response in all throttle positions. As a new rider, this is important, jerky riding is more likely to cause an accident or cost you your confidence.

You’ve got dual front brakes to help you stop fast enough and a short wheelbase, helping you to master cornering.

This bike is also very comfortable as it adopts a halfway position between sports and commute, this means you’ll be comfortable even if you’re undertaking a long-distance trip.

  1. Moto Guzzi V7 Stone

img source: cmcbikes.com

If you’re more interested in a Harley style bike then the Moto Guzzi isn’t going to disappoint! It’s a cross between the naked bike and a cruiser. Available in black, you’ll find that it’s a real head-turner.

The bike sports a 744cc 4-stroke engine set as a V-twin. Interestingly, it is only a 5 speed. The actual styling of the bike is based on the vintage V7’s made by Moto Guzzi in years gone by. Of course, this example is much lighter and faster.

Weighing in at under 400lbs this is actually a great bike for shorter beginners. However, you should take note that many riders who try one of these stick with Moto Guzzi for life. That makes it useful that this bike is extremely comfortable.

You’ll also appreciate the 5.8-gallon tank as you won’t need to fill up often. It should be noted that the bike has a comparatively short wheelbase, especially compared to a Harley. That means you can corner as well as most sports bikes.

  1. Honda CBR 500

img source: cycletrader.com

This is one of the most popular choices for a beginner because it offers the look and style of the bigger sports bikes, but has a more reasonable power band. Don’t forget you have to ensure your bike as a new motorcyclist; it can be expensive.

The CBR 500 has 471cc and uses a 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine with DOHC. The engine is set as a parallel twin and you’ll quickly move through all 6 gears to reach an illegal top speed.

This is a bike with some serious grunt and perhaps not the best choice for someone having just passed their test. But if you have a bit of experience and a mature head, you’ll find that this is a really fun bike to ride.

It’s short and corners exceptionally well, while the power delivery is smooth, allowing you to focus completely on where you’re going. Best of all, it’s available in a range of colors, allowing you to choose the one you like the most and make it personal.

Of course, in time you’ll be ready to upgrade. But, because this bike is so much fun, you may not want to.

  1. KTM 390 Duke

img source: gaadicdn.com

The Duke is distinctive, that’s probably the only way of summing up this bike. In fact, that covers most KTM motorcycles. It’s a grown-up mini-moto, crossed with a trials bike, and a sports bike. In short, you’ll either love it or hate it, there’s no middle ground.

The bike has a water-cooled 4-stroke, 1 cylinder engine offering 373cc. Despite being 1 cylinder it’s a surprisingly smooth ride, but it has the clearance and shocks to feel like you could go anywhere. The large Brembo brakes and the upside-down forks will catch your eye, as will the aggressive stance.

The riding position is distinctively commuter like but that allows you the maximum level of control, which s good considering the bike is surprisingly fast.

With splashes of the traditional KTM orange, you’ll recognize this bike instantly and it’s certain to bring a smile to your face.

  1. Suzuki GW250

img source: liveabout.com

This is another one that has sports styling. But unlike the CBR, this one has a much longer wheelbase. While that does mean it won’t corner quite so well as the CBR, it does offer an easy ride with plenty of feedback and control, which makes it one of the best beginner bikes you can get.

It has a 248cc 4-stroke engine with 2 cylinders and a SOHC. The seat height is surprisingly low at 30.7”, this makes it a great option for shorter riders and ensures the weight of the bike is low, that’s going to make it much easier for a beginner to handle the bike.

The seating position is more commuter than sporty, but this helps with handling the bike. In fact, it’s surprisingly agile and is a great option if you’ve got a lot of city riding to do.

You’ll also note that the gearbox is a little soft, which is useful when you’re still learning to shift smoothly. It doesn’t matter how far you’re planning to ride, this bike will get you there in comfort.

It doesn’t matter what style of bike you prefer, there is one here that will appeal to you. But, you should also check what stock your local dealer is holding. There may be something else that hits the right mark.