Best Safety Gear for Riding a Motorcycle

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If you’ve recently bought a motorcycle, you’re probably wondering what gear you should buy for riding. As a first-time rider, you know that safety should be of the utmost importance because not being protected while riding could wind up costing you your life if you get into an accident and are not safely protected. There are also other risks to take into consideration, such as your hearing.

Without safety gear, you will leave your elbows, knees, head, legs, back, and ears unprotected. While doing so may make you feel “cool” or be more comfortable, the chances of suffering a severe injury from a fall or accident dramatically increase. Thus, safety gear is needed to prevent serious harm in the case of a mishap.

From helmets and pants to earplugs and knee pads, there is a variety of safety gear that will help you prevent serious injury or death and will increase the chances of you coming home in one piece.

Here is our list for the best safety gear for riding a motorcycle:


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First and foremost is your helmet. If you get into a crash or suffer a fall from your motorcycle, you’re going to want to have your head protected. Without having your head protected, you open yourself up to a concussion or even death. A helmet will mitigate and prevent most of these risks in an accident.


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Second, you’ll want a protective pair of pants, so you don’t cut your legs if you fall off or get into an accident on your motorcycle. Pants are available in either Kevlar-woven jeans or in leather. If you don’t buy specific motorcycle pants, they will tear off and still leave you open to risk of getting a deep cut on your legs.


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A jacket will protect you from the elements. Whether riding on a dusty road or through a forest, a jack will protect your front and back from flying dust and small pieces of debris that you may kick up while driving. It will prevent your regular clothes from getting too dirty and will also protect you from minor scratches and bruises.

Knee Pads

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A particularly nasty fall or accident can leave your knees bruised and bloody if unprotected. In extreme cases, you can actually break your knees. Knee pads will help you mitigate this risk in the case of a fall or an accident. Knees are essential for keeping your balance on your motorcycle.

Elbow Pads

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A particularly bad fall or accident can leave you elbows bruised and even broken if unprotected. Elbow pads will mitigate the risk of bruising or breaking. Plus, elbows and your arms are essential for steering your bike.

Custom Ear Plugs

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When you are riding on the road unprotected, the noise of the wind whipping past you can cause serious damage to your hearing. Custom earplugs for motorcycle riding will be perfect for you. They will not move around under your helmet and will enable you to hear the road while also keeping your hearing preserved.


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The texture of gloves will help you keep a better grip on your motorcycle’s handlebars. It will also prevent your hands from callusing and being sore while steering your bike. Gloves are a must If you want to remain in control of your bike. Otherwise, your hands might slip, causing you to lose your grip on the handlebars.

Riding on a motorcycle can be dangerous, both to your physical body and your sense of hearing. These items will help protect you in the event of a crash or fall. They are simply a must-have for every motorcycle rider.

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