5 Paper Editing Tools for Smartphone

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Paper writing is one of the most difficult tasks in school. Most students struggle with essays because of the amount of time required for research. What’s more, they have to put in more work in writing and editing which eats into the little time available after school. Now that your essays account for a huge part of your grades, it is important to learn how you can improve your writing and one way to do this is by leveraging technology. Paper editing apps come in handy when you have an essay to write and these tools guarantee you submit an A+ paper always.

This article highlights some of the best paper editing tools you must have ion your smartphone. Read on to improve your essay writing skills.


One of the main problems every essay writer encounters has to do with the language. Even after finding the best material for your paper, there’s still the language bit to worry about before completing the task. Your paper is only as good as the quality of language you use and this is where Grammarly comes in handy. It is an essential editing tool which helps discover problems with spelling and grammar. The editing app is now available on iOS and Android and you can choose between the free and paid versions.

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Final Draft Writer

After hours of research on your essay, you need to make sure the final draft is perfect and this is not easy. Luckily, you can now use Final Draft Writer on your smartphone to proofread your essay and share it if you need to. It is a great writing and editing tool designed with small screens in mind. Most writers find this the perfect essay writing app as you can always check your draft and refine it on the go.


There’s no complete list of writing and editing app without the mention of Evernote. This is a great tool for organizing your research ideas and thoughts into a coherent paper. However, it also has powerful editing and proofreading capability making it a must-have for every writer. You can even use voice recognition to record your thoughts and make changes to your document on a smartphone.

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WhiteSmoke Writer

This is a great paper editing for both students and professional writers. It comes with a style checker and a plagiarism checker to guarantee your paper meets the highest standards. You can also translate your paper into over 50 languages if you need to. If you are working on your essay while traveling, this is one of the paper editing tools you should download and start using. It will help refine your paper and make your editing work easier.

My Writing Nook

My Writing Nook is an Android/iOS app which comes with multiple customization options and you can use it to improve your writing skills. It allows you to activate auto correction of English grammar/spelling and ensure your paper turns out without any awkward mistakes. It is also a great tool if you wish to share your content with other readers.

Of course, there are many paper editing tools out there including My Paper Writer, Professional Editor, PerfectIt, Ginger Grammar, and Spell Checker among others. By using these editing tools, you not only save a lot of time going through your essay but you also submit a refined winning paper every time.