5 Signs That You Are Not On The Best Broadband Deal Possible

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It’s astonishing to think about how technology, specifically mobile technology has exploded in the last decade. From the very first iPhone in 2007 to number 24 in 2019, and everything in between has had to try and keep up which includes the internet speeds to power these gadgets.

The impressive 4G connectivity speeds and improving smartphone performance have made it even easier for people to use their phones to stream media, play online games and even work while on the go. Needless to say, this convenience takes its toll on your data bundles.

Your internet demands will even go higher if you work from home which is increasingly popular as people are setting up their own business and even office working hours become more flexible. They want broadband deals that give you enough bandwidth to keep watching your favorite shows on stream TV or videos from YouTube as well.

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Most people get too settled and have just come to terms with how much they pay for their broadband and don’t even bat an eyelid when providers like Plusnet or Virgin Media run offers that offer them much cheaper and reliable packages when they should be checking them out and swapping providers if necessary.

However, this doesn’t have to be you. Hunting for better deals has become much easier these days and means more money saved per month for you and your family. Here are some obvious signs that may have slipped under the radar but show that maybe you are not getting the best deals on your broadband package that you could be.

If You Haven’t Checked Other Deals Recently

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Just because what you’re paying now was the cheapest on the market when you signed up and you got a great deal at the time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s still the case. We need to make sure we keep getting the cheapest deal on the market and make the effort to make the switch when we find one.

It is very easy to get too comfortable with your current broadband deal as long as it is performing well. The problem is you will never know if you are getting the best deal for your money if you don’t compare what you’ve got to what other people are enjoying from other subscribers, especially when the sales are on!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also fast approaching which is both prime times throughout the whole year to find a great deal for broadband. Although don’t be fooled by expensive marketing and clever adverts, as they’re not always as good a deal as they may first seem so be sure to do your research on both the company offering the deal and the deal itself.

Using an online comparison website such as BroadbandChoices that shows you popular service providers like Vodafone, BT, Plusnet, Virgin Media and many more against each other is a good way to get the best deal. In most cases, the platform will have done most of the research for you and all you have to do is pour over the data before deciding on the best provider for your specific Internet needs.

If You Renew Your Contract Without Checking Terms Changes

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While prices and other contract caps tend to stay fixed for as long as your contract holds, though it’s always worth checking. Most providers give you a new copy of the fine print whenever you renew the contract at the end of the 12 or so months.

Assuming that the new price and conditions are similar to what you had before is a sign that you are missing out on better deals. Before signing and paying, go through any changes and explore additional packages the provider might have introduced.

Chances are you might get a new clause you don’t like or an alternative with better terms and conditions. It’s so important to do your research on both the company and contract terms when signing anything, whether it’s a new contract or just renewing an existing one.

If You’ve Got More Bandwidth than You Need

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Buying more bandwidth than you need is another way many people end up flushing their money down the toilet. Going for 35 Mbps while 10 Mbps is more than enough for you doesn’t compute.

You can use an online tool to estimate what bandwidth you need or try out different bandwidth packages and decide what is cheap and works best for you. The good thing is that providers like Vodafone and BT also offer tools to help you estimate how much bandwidth you need.

If your connection slows down when you have a  full house of internet users, then your bandwidth is too low. If you still get super-fast speeds when using your network as much as you can, then you probably have more bandwidth than you need

Many of us get caught up trying to get the fastest most impressive internet connection possible for a good deal because that’s what everybody tells us we desperately need, however, this isn’t always the case. If you’re just an occasional user or someone that only uses the internet to check their emails then you’re probably paying for much more than you really require.

Get a Package that Covers More than Data

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Getting the best broadband deals on your broadband connection is all about getting your internet needs covered at the lowest cost possible. Look out for deals that combine your home internet, TV, calls and mobile data into one package to save more money.

More and more service providers are ramping up their service delivery by giving their customers an all in one package that makes paying for TV, data, and calls much easier. Leverage these packages as they are not only convenient but also affordable.

Which mistakes have you been making when buying your broadband package? Let us know in the comments section below.