Top 7 People Who Became Rich Because of Bitcoin

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Will Bitcoin replace “traditional” money? Is investing in Bitcoin a smart move that I should make? There are many questions that newbies ask and there are not so many precise answers. Still, the most common question of people that are meeting with the Bitcoin industry for the first time is – “Who are people that became rich because of Bitcoin?” It is understandable why they ask this. They want to see a real life-example that something like this is possible.

When we talk about rich Bitcoin investors, we have to mention Satoshi Nakamoto. Studies have shown that this mysterious person owns 1140 million bitcoins. The value of those coins is around 8 billion dollars currently. He was previously worth more than 20 billion dollars, but that has changed because the value of the cryptocurrency has fallen.

Anyway, there are many unclear pieces of information about this person. We suppose it is not so motivational when you do not know more details. Becoming rich because of bitcoin is not an easy task. On you can find out more about that. That’s why we want to share real-life examples without any unclear details that will show you how perspective bitcoin can actually be.

Dan Morehead

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Dan is a founder of investment firm Pantera Capital. He started his own business in 2003, but logically, bitcoin was not his main priority in the beginning. He originally wanted to make global macro hedge-fund investments.

After many years of work, their way of business has changed completely. This company agreed on a partnership with Fortress Investment Group, Ribbit Capital, and Benchmark. The name of the new company was – “Pantera Bitcoin Partners LLC.” It is important to say that Patenra was controlling the funds and other partners were only minor owners.

They were not focused on investing in only one cryptocurrency. Some of the currencies they work with are BitPesa, Augur, BitStamp, Bitcoin, etc.
His net worth is currently around $200 million.

Winklevoss Twins

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If you are following world-wide news, then you have probably heard about these two brothers. However, they didn’t become popular because of the bitcoin investment.

The media primary talked about their legal battle against Mark Zuckerberg. When they were still students, they developed a social media platform named “The Social Network”. Later, they changed that name to ConnectU. Because of that, they claimed that Zuckerberg has stolen their idea and made Facebook.

Fortunately, they didn’t stop there and they started to invest in Bitcoin. In January 2018, they controlled 91,666 bitcoins. The net worth of each brother is around 1 billion dollars.

Matthew Roszak

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We can say that Matthew is a basic investor and entrepreneur who knows how to recognize a good opportunity. This silicon-valley entrepreneur was one of the first investors that participated in the initial coin offering. At that moment, the terms that we use today did not exist.

He realized this is a good opportunity. Because of that, he organized a meetup with other investors to talk about cryptocurrency. His net worth is currently around 1 billion dollars.

Roger Ver

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Roger is another guy who knows how to recognize and use the opportunity to make money. Some people like to call him “Bitcoin Jesus” because he was literally one of the first people who invested in this cryptocurrency. Because of that, he currently serves as the executive chairman of

Still, his life story looks like some action movie that we have all watched. He was the citizen of the US, but he renounced in 2014. He has run into some legal trouble and he has spent 10 months in jail because of that (he invested money in the wrong place). In the last 5 years, he lives in Japan.

More precisely, he can live wherever he wants because he made a real fortune thanks to Bitcoin. His net worth is now $520 million. He was indeed a millionaire before he invested in Bitcoin. But, this is a good proof that this sort of payment can pay off in the end.

Tim Draper

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If you want to become a successful investor one day, this is the guy who should be your role model. Bitcoin is not the first successful investment that Tim made. His first smart investment is in Skype when this company was still a small startup.

Anyway, 15 years ago he met a guy in South Korea. This guy told him that he bought a virtual sword for his son. However, he bought it with regular cash. Tim didn’t think twice; this was a good sign for him to start buying Bitcoins. He invested a quarter of million dollars to buy Bitcoin when the value of one coin was only $6. Still, this was a bad investment because of some external factors.

What do you think, did he stop there? NO. Next time he both 30 thousand Bitcoins when the value of it was a lot higher. Now his net worth is 350 and 500 million dollars.

Barry Silbert

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This guy is famous as the former owner of SecondMarket. It is an exchange for hard to trade assets. For instance, stocks in private tech companies are a good example of that. He sold this business in 2015 and started to develop a new startup named Digital Currency Group.

This company works in three different areas – Venture capital, digital currency, and crypto media. We can say that Barry is an expert for cryptocurrency.
Anyway, in 2014, he bought 48 thousand bitcoins. At that moment, the value of one coin was $350. He has spent around 17 million dollars and for that money, he got around 269 million dollars.

Brock Pierce

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The older generation maybe remembers who he is. He had a major role in The Mighty Ducks and he appeared in commercials as a toddler. Yet, Brock “retired” when he was only 17. He chose to try out a more risky way to become a successful and rich entrepreneur.

He was a co-founder of the Digital Entertainment Network. This network was quite similar to YouTube, but they were not able to achieve the same success. Because of that, he started to work with Bradford and Brat Stephens. They started the venture capital firm – Blockchain Capital.

Now, Pierce is a chairman at Bitcoin Foundation. According to Forbes, his net worth is nearly 1 billion dollars.

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