5 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Real Estate Agent

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Buying a home or real estate as an investment is a huge decision. Mistakes, even small ones, can land you in serious trouble. Picking the wrong property is often what pretty much everyone worries about. However, hiring the wrong realtor can cause you lots of heartache and frustration.

So, take care. 100 percent commission real estate highlights 5 tips to help you hire the perfect real estate agent like a pro.

Tip #1: They Should be a Specialist

Dealing with a specialist rather than a generalist can save you from complex real estate-related problems. Understand this: No realtor knows everything there’s to know about all real estate niches.
If you need expert dental advice, you’d rather see the dentist and not a GP, right? Similarly, the best realtors don’t focus on all real estate niches. Instead, they identify a niche and become an expert in it. Want to buy a single-family home? Find someone that focuses on that.

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Tip #2: How Well Do They Know the Neighborhood?

Whether you’re buying a home in a city or deep in the sticks, find someone who knows the place. Choose a real estate agent who knows the neighborhood’s nooks and crannies.

A knowledgeable agent answers questions regarding a particular location accurately and unhesitatingly. They’ll quickly provide a satisfactory response to a question such as “which are the safest streets?”

Tip #3: What Drives the Agent?

It’s no secret: real estate agents are commission-hungry salespeople. Now, there’s nothing wrong with earning money for services rendered.

However, if commissions are the only force that drives the agent, be wary of them. Such an agent typically tries to hurry you through the buying decision. Here’s a clear sign that an agent worries more about commissions than about clients’ needs. They describe every property they carry in their listings as “great” or “amazing.”

Tip #4: Anyone Yelling on Yelp?

Online reviews in places like Yelp have made researching businesses a breeze. So, before sealing the deal, visit Yelp and read a couple of reviews. If Yelp shows business to be credible and reliable, it most likely is. You can also read reviews on Angie’s List, Manta, Better Business Bureau, and even Facebook.

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Tip #5: Pick an Honest Person

Do you think phrases such as “snake oil salesman” or “used car salesman” came about accidentally? We keep hearing stories of unscrupulous real estate agents. We read in the news, “Dishonest Realtor in X city gets 10 years of jail for defrauding clients.”
Well, that doesn’t inspire tons of confidence. But honest real estate agents still exist. With a little diligence, authentic online reviews, and your gut feeling, you’ll find the perfect fit.

These 5 tips for choosing the perfect realtor probably aren’t the only aspects you should consider. But they’ll at least point you in the right direction.