Types of Watches to Match With Your Outfit

Since men do not wear a lot of jewelry, a watch is a very important part of an outfit to give out the right impression. A lot of people prefer to own more than one watch so they can wear the appropriate watch to complement their outfit or the formality of a particular event. Do you want to know how to properly pair your watch with your clothes?

Then make sure you read until the end and consider all our best tips about watches.

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Types of watches

The most important rule when pairing your watch with your clothes is that you have to match the formality of both. To understand how to do this you need to know about all the different types of watches.

The first split between watches is analog or dialog.

Digital watches have an LED or LCD display face that usually shows the time in a numeric form. The straps of these watches are usually plastic or rubbery. This is a fitness or sport type of watch which usually paired with athletic clothes. You do not have to worry about watching this kind of watch with your outfit since you should never wear a digital watch with anything dressier than your most casual wear.

This is why we will be concentrating on analog watches. These watches have a face with both hour and minute hand and either numbers or markers that display a twelve-hour cycle. These are considered to be more formal and classic, making them suitable for casual everyday wear, most formal events, and businesses.

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There are 5 types of men’s analog watches:

  • Simple, sophisticated and sleek, the dress watch is usually with a plain white face, no extra features or functions, and a very thin black or brown leather strap. A dress watch with Roman numerals, no numerals at all or hash marks add another level of elegance. Best combined with formal wear and black suits.
  • Originally made for underwater diving, these watches usually feature stainless metal bands, deepwater resistance, and medium-size face with easy-to-read Arabic numbers or hash marks. May include a feature that shows the date, but nothing more. It can be combined with most outfits whether formal or casual.
  • These are usually larger in size, with a large dial with Arabic numbers and often with contrasting and bright colors. They always have a chronograph. The straps are metal or leather on a stainless steel case. It should only be combined with casual wear.
  • Originally made for pilots, the pilot watch has medium to large face size, with clean, legible Arabic numerals, luminous hands, oversized dial, a date and sometimes a chronograph. The strap is usually leather. Probably only for your most casual wear.
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  • First used as part of the World War 1 gear, field watches are functional, versatile and rugged timepieces that are very sturdy and tough. Small or medium in size, with a leather strap and a face with Arabic numerals. They occasionally come with a date without other complications. Field watches are usually used with casual wear combinations, but they are not bad for business events too.