7 Best Beach Vacations for Kids

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Have your kids been talking about a beach vacation lately due to the school break season? If yes, you would definitely be looking for some of the options to explore the best places where your kids can have fun. If you decide to take your kids on this type of vacation, it is important that you should make sure you choose one that is kids friendly so that they have a lot of things to do. The following are the 7 best beach vacations with kids friendly amenities in the US provided by beachspot.org.

Wrightsville Beach

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Wrightsville Beach is an expansive one with blue-green waters in North Carolina. The shallow water allows the kids to enjoy and perform some of the water activities that could be done safely. There are not any dangerous ocean sports activities such as parasailing and water scooters. You can find charging stations near the entrances. There are lots of shells to pick all over the beach, and for sure, your kids will love to play on here and collect different kinds of the shell along. There is a pier where you have to pay to fish. Another pier is free to visit and have a nice restaurant. It costs money to park by the beach.

Jones Beach State Park

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Jones Beach State Park is a lifeguarded white sand beach with a boardwalk on Long Island, New York. The 3km boardwalk is lined with various shops and various different restaurants where you can enjoy mouth-watering dishes. You may also watch outdoor concerts at the theatre at night. People come here to participate in bird watching activities at The West End in the winter and spring seasons. There are shops selling beach items. Chairs and umbrellas are also available for rent where you can relax and rest. It also has clean sand and without any such loud noise or any kind of disturbance from radio playing.

Pismo Beach

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It is also known as Pismo Pier, is a fine sandy beach with a boardwalk in California. It used to be a dock for ships that carry goods made in California. They would put up a light tree at the end during the Christmas season, and you can also see Santa walking on the beach for entertaining your kids and distributing some toffees and candies. You can grab an ice cream cone and have a stroll along the pier boardwalk, which is quite relaxing. It is dog-friendly and there is no restriction for the dog to run, so you and your kids can play with your dog and pet with toys, which will definitely be great fun. There are lots of places where you can stop by to eat delicious food. The great waves make the beach suitable for surfing.

Virginia Beach

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It is a long and wide brown sandy beach which is lined up with the high rise hotels at the back in south-eastern Virginia. There is a concrete boardwalk where they occasionally hold festivals. There are certainly lots of art exhibits as well as some of the sand sculptures for you that you can simply observe. You may also ask your friends and families to play the game of volleyball with you at the free volleyball court. Trash cans are also available all through the beach for putting in the rubbish. In the morning, they may also have a tractor coming to pick up the rubbish, and this ensures that when you reach there in the morning, it is always clean and tidy.

Magic Island Lagoon

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Magic Island Lagoon is a man-made beach with grasses and trees in AlaMoana Beach Park. There is a section near the small inlet where people participate in paddleboard and surf lessons. There are picnic tables below the shady trees for those who want to enjoy a scenic picnic. There is no fee for parking. There are also exclusive paths for walking and cycle paths where you can enjoy cycling and wake or play with your kids. It is an awesome place to watch the fireworks display. Mat is provided for tourists in wheelchairs. You can also bring your grill for the purpose of barbecuing on the man-made beach where you can cook and barbeque food.

Devil’s Lake State Park

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Devil’s Lake State Park is a lake with an extensive network of walking in Baraboo, Wisconsin. There are a variety of trails for hikers with different skill levels. Water rentals are available for those who want to park their boathouses by the lake. On both ends, you can find the tables as well as the restrooms. The air on the beach is filled with pine tree smell. You can park your caravan trailers and set up camp overnight in the open field and the woods. This kind of adventurous activity will definitely be liked and appreciated by your kids.

Sand Harbor Beach

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Sand Harbor Beach is a well-maintained with crystal blue water on the east side of Lake Tahoe. You can arrive there on a bike by taking the East Shore Trail. You can also wander off the boarded trail and go all the way down to get a better view of the water. There is a viewing area just recently built where you can watch the scenery of Lake Tahoe. Also, the Restrooms are also available where you can relax and rest for the day. There are also some of the restaurants where you can easily buy a salad, you can also buy hot dogs, and some fruits are also available, such as watermelon, which is quite fruity as well as delicious.

In your upcoming vacation, you can plan your holidays at any of the above-mentioned beaches, which will offer you and your kids complete fun and relaxing holiday. It is a perfect combination of fun, relaxing, and adventurous holiday, which is meant to please all the family members.