7 Funny Games to Play with Your Boyfriend for Boosting Your Mood

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Friendship is the beginning of every love relationship and if your boyfriend is not your buddy then life becomes complicated. Break the ice of your relationship and gel up by playing funny games with your boyfriend. This will not only boost up your mood in leisure time but it will also help you come close to each other.

Suppose you are on a date with your lover boy and you have nothing to do after a lunch or a romantic dinner. Guess what can you do to make the relationship spicier and sweet? Yes, exactly! Start playing cute games to cherish such moments in a romantic way.

You just need to be a fun-loving, naughty and enthusiastic player to enjoy the games with your boyfriend. Let’s have a look at the names of some easy and interesting games like question games and truth or dare games as suggested by wisledge. There are other games that are mentioned here:

1. Truth or Dare

Famous in our school and college, Truth or Dare is one of the funniest games for teenagers and adults. Why don’t you play that game with your boyfriend to know about his secrets? If he chooses ‘truth’ then ask the secrets of life and choosing ‘dare’ will help you act clever by telling him to do something awkward but funny. Enjoy every moment of giggling laughter and fun with your man, so that you can remember until you grow old.

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2. True or False

Don’t think this is an easy game because this is trickier and speedier game. This game is like Rapid Fire game where you will be asked questions speedily and you have to answer all of them with true and false but in a wise manner. If you answer any wrong question then you will be disqualified from the game or you will be looser of the game. This will help you know about your boyfriend’s life and he will also be able to know you more. This witty game really helps lover in making a good bond with each other.

3. Question Game

No, it’s not a game of school or college life it is a quiz-like game where you will have a list of questions to ask your boyfriend and you need to ask him such questions to brush out your knowledge about his life or about his thought process. The winner of this game should get a gift.

4. No Word Game

This is a perfect first date game where you need to arrange two glasses of drinks. This game is also known as “Yes or No” game through sign. Suppose you are asking a question to your boyfriend and he is taking one sip of the drink then it is yes but if he is taking two sips then the answer is no. But you cannot use any word; you just need to answer through the sips.

Don’t you find this game interesting and funny? If yes then play this humorous game and enjoy the company of your partner.

5. Spirit Animal

This is another interesting game that is connected with painting. No need to panic guys! You don’t have to be a brilliant painter just a normal painting will also do. So, just enjoy the game with fun without taking much tension. In this game, you have to visualize the aura of each other and draw the spirit animal of each other. After painting, show that to your partner and explain each other that why you have made the spirit animal for your partner. Don’t you think it’s a new way to know something different about each other?

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6. Board Game Night

You can play board games like Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly and Word Factory with your boyfriend every night or on the weekend eve. Playing these games with your partner will boost up your mood and it will help you to pass more time together by understanding the beauty of love and romance.

7. Staring Game

This game is often played by teenagers but it is really fun to play this game with your boyfriend. This is a competition of staring the eyes of each other for a long time. Whoever is unable to stare for a long time will be the loser of the game. This game will increase romance and love between each other by staring at each other from too close.

Bottom Line

Enjoy each round of the games that brings you and your boyfriend together. Hope these games will help in passing the time with each other and knowing each other in a better way. No matter either you are the winner or loser of the game; your bonding and togetherness will bring your closer.