Things to Know Before Planning a Fall Wedding

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Fall is chillier than the preceding months. If you are planning an autumn wedding, you should know all that there is to know about fall weddings. When planning an outdoor wedding, you need to have a contingency plan just in case. Here are some things that you need to know before planning a fall wedding:

Pros and Cons of a Fall Wedding

If you get married in the autumn you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Plenty of season-inspired décors
  • Beautiful foliage
  • Off-season discounts
  • Typically moderate weather

Because the peak wedding season is almost over, you need to book your venue early enough. Fall weddings also have disadvantages, which include:

  • Some places experience early sunset, which affects the ceremony’s timing.
  • Autumn weather changes erratically
  • Fall holidays such as Thanksgiving and Halloween can cause date conflicts.

You need to check with your photographer to ensure that he captures the early sunset’s golden hour.

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Fall Color Palette

To see fall wedding colors in their entirety, you should Google ‘fall weddings’. You will see many browns, deep reds, and oranges. These colors mimic the changing foliage and give natural warmth to most décor styles. However, you do not have to box yourself into the autumn foliage palette.

To modernize your color palette, you should consider using copper and gold for a bit of glamour. Neutral shades such as grays, creams, and champagne also look great in autumn. For an elegant touch, you should consider emerald green and deep plum colors.

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

If you are having your wedding in an area with a cooler climate, you can choose to wear boleros to remain warm or you could choose a heavy bridesmaid dress. The search for a dress that would be convenient will be easy because there are numerous options from you can choose at online sites such as this one.

For autumn bridesmaids’ dresses, you should opt for long sleeves, glimmering metallic colors, and deep jewel tones. For the groomsmen, they can also get creative with their attire. Plaid ties and argyle socks can keep groomsmen warm while adding a touch of sophistication. With such bold accessories, the best suits would be navy or gray-colored ones.

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Work with the Things that Are in Season

When you purchase the stuff that is in season, you will get flowers and food at the peak of their supply and this means lower costs. Moreover, things in season grow locally, which makes them cheaper. Here are the things that you should consider:

Fall Wedding Flowers

Although many flowers bloom all through the year, some in-season flowers can make your wedding pop. They include:

Marigolds – They come in varying autumn colors such as red, gold, and orange.

Dahlias – They make for a stunning wedding bouquet. Deep burgundy ones can really accentuate it.

Sunflowers – They can add some sunshine to your fall wedding.

Garden roses – Instead of using peonies, you should opt for garden roses in the autumn.

Anemones – These sophisticated flowers have a black center, making them a gorgeous addition to your bouquet.

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The autumn season has some comforting foods. Autumn veggies include squash, turnips, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. A bowl of squash soup can make a great starter dish. Colorful fruits such as pears, apples, and cranberries are also plentiful in the autumn.

In addition to putting these foods on your menu, you can also decorate your wedding cake with them. Moreover, you can give out the delicious fruits as wedding favors.


Autumn is a great time for weddings. Before you plan a fall wedding, you should consider hiring a planner who can help you make your plans.