Top 7 Bitcoin Mining Platforms in 2024

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Regardless of your profession and even personal interests, surely you know what Bitcoin is. This cryptocurrency was made public in 2009 and it took the whole world by storm almost immediately. People acknowledge it as an easy way to earn some money.

How to get a Bitcoin? Well, there is a process called mining. In order to start it, you need some special equipment such as FPGA, GPU, ASIC, but also mining software. Taking into consideration how popular cryptocurrencies are, it comes as no surprise that there are multiple platforms available. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice, or already have a lot of experience in mining Bitcoin, continue reading this article, because we are going to discuss some widely used platforms.

1. CGMiner

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Due to the fact that it has numerous features that are beneficial for both beginners and experts, we have put this platform on the initial position on our list. Among other systems, CGMiner supports Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. When it comes to hardware, it can use both FPGA and ASIC. Some of the main features include fan speed control, full monitoring, remote control command, as well as scalable networking scheduler.

2. EasyMiner

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If you are looking for a platform where you can manage different kinds of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others), then you should further investigate EasyMiner. It also allows you to choose between regular mining, ccmining, cgmining, cudamining, and mining via ASIC hardware. There is also a “Moneymaker” option which you can use to mine Litecoin, or on the other hand, you can go with the “Solo” mode which allows you not only to choose the pool you want but also to choose the hash algorithm. If you are wondering about the safety of your funds, EasyMiner uses the Network Hardware ID Layer (NHIL) protocol that takes the security of all the data to the next level. However, there is one downside– it is only compatible with Windows.

3. MultiMiner

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If you are late to the party i.e. cryptocurrency mining, then surely you are looking for a platform that is not only easy to use but that comes with multiple handy features. Most newcomers opt for MultiMiner, and we are going to tell you why.

First of all, this desktop-based application work with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. Secondly, it allows its users to move the mining devices (FPGA, AISC) to different currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin). This software is automatized meaning that it looks for pools and lucrative altcoins on its own.

In addition, it also works with numerous other devices such as HashBuster Micro, Block Erupter, BFL Bitforce, and so on.

4. BitMinter

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The fact that BitMinter has its own mining pool, which is, by the way, one of the oldest that exists today, is what makes this platform so popular and the reason why people opt for using it. Also, there is no doubt that BitMinter is the best cross-platform Bitcoin mining software. Understandably, it can be used on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X).

Since it is built on Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP), it doesn’t require installation, and all one has to do in order to start using it, is to sign up on their official website, follow the instructions to arrange the ASIC hardware, and that’s it. When it comes to devices supported by ASIC, these include Block Erupter USB as well as additional Icarus hardware, Butterfly Labs (except Monarch), Antminer U1/U2, and Chili, Red/Blue Fury.

5. BFGMiner

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Written in C, BFGMiner is customizable mining software that is compatible with ASIC/FPGA hardware, and that also has a monitoring feature as well as dynamic clocking and remote interface capabilities. Because of the ‘getblocktemplate’ decentralized protocol, it is able to start work before already existing activities have been completed, without delaying them.

This platform is also extremely easy to use, since all the user has to do, in order to start the mining process, is to save the .bat file after having entered all the variable values by following the pool settings. When it comes to the devices, one can use Drillbit Thumb and Eight, Ztex’s FPGA boards, and Twinfury USB stick miner for mining Bitcoin.

6. Miner-Server

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One thing that usually worries new users is the funds they have to invest in hardware. If you are not ready to make this commitment or simply do not have enough money, you can always go with cloud mining services. Similarly, to the others, there are multiple platforms you can choose between, and we are going to introduce you to Miner-Server.

Unlike some of the already mentioned platforms that provide you with the opportunity to have your own pool, when you sign up for Miner-Server, you will be sharing one with other individuals. This means that all the earnings will be shared among all the participants.

You can opt for one of the numerous packages that are offered by this service, and your hashing power will be in accordance with the one you choose. The duration of these is one year which means that you can change the package after this period expires. What’s more, if you bring new users to the platform i.e. if they sign up via your reference, you will receive bonus hash power.

7. Bitcoin Evolution

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The biggest benefit of opting for this platform is that its software scans all the markets and quickly informs you about the ones that are currently most profitable. In addition, you can also program it to go one step further and to open trades in your account.

Moreover, Bitcoin Evolution is suitable for both newcomers and experienced users. Signing up for this platform is also very simple – all one has to do is to fill out a registration form, and their account will be opened. There aren’t any registration and other, hidden fees, which is something that people appreciate. If you want to learn about this software in great detail, click here.


All in all, these are some of the most popular platforms for mining cryptocurrencies. As you can see, each of these has a specific set of features and benefits, so all you have to do is to find one that meets all your requirements.