Brazil’s BRB Bank Pays 50 BTC After Being Targeted by a Ransomware Strike

The Financial institution of Brazil was attacked by the LockBit ransomware, with hackers requesting for 50 BTC to deliver the secured delicate data.

On October 3, the Bank of Brasilia, a Brazil-based bank regulated by the federal government, came down with ransomware for which a team of hackers demanded 50 BTC as a benefit for not leaking its individuals’ data.

According to local media Tecmundo, one of the hackers called “Crydat” contacted them to notify them that the Financial institution needed to pay the equivalent of 5.2 million Brazilian reais prior to 15:00 on October 06.

The Bank of Brasilia has not formally discussed the cyberpunks’ needs. However, the case is being explored by the Federal Police’s Special Police Department for the Suppression of Cybercrime.

Cyberpunks Made Use Of The LockBit “High-End” Ransomware

According to confidential resources talked to by Tecnomundo, the hackers utilized the “LockBit” ransomware belonging to one of the largest worldwide ransomware teams, which operates under the same name as its software application. Since the beginning of 2024 Lockbit had targeted virtually 350 companies across the globe.

Resource: Twitter

The LockBit ransomware team is one of the leading criminal gangs committed to details theft and extortion of big companies, running from the darkness considering that 2019. Currently, the team has actually been responsible for 40% of all ransomware attacks complying with the takedown of the Conti group.

Just recently, the team upgraded its LockBit ransomware to variation 3.0. They additionally use a bounty program of up to $1 million (which can be paid via the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Zcash) to those who report susceptabilities, renovation suggestions, and also other activities.

This criminal team has performed numerous attacks in Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Panama, as well as Argentina, where they recently attacked OSDE: a health care services network created in 1972, where they removed concerning 140 gigabytes of information about people, medical professionals, and also affiliates, demanding the repayment of $300K in crypto to keep the secrecy of the secured data. However, OSDE obviously did not make the payment, as well as the group released all the information on its internet site.

In Brazil, Many Crooks Make Use Of Cryptocurrencies

Brazil is among the Latin American countries with one of the most cryptocurrency rip-offs, to such a degree that the Brazilian justice system has needed to collaborate with the FBI as well as the CIA to strengthen its special forces as well as improve its monitoring methods.

According to data published by the SonicWall evaluation platform, considering that 2024, Brazil has actually turned into one of the recommended locations for ransomware teams. Throughout that year, cyberpunks managed to steal more than $33 million in bitcoin as well as various other cryptocurrencies, putting Brazil among the leading 4 countries most impacted by ransomware.

Leading 10 countries with the greatest volume of ransomware during 2024, Resource: SonicWallEven a survey carried out by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky exposed that 56% of Brazilian firms had experienced a ransomware attack, with 80% guaranteeing that they will not be willing to pay any type of ransom.

Nonetheless, 78% of companies that have been attacked suggested that if they were struck once again, they would pay ransom for their information. This seems to adhere to the general trend observed amongst ransomware targets in various other nations.

Although it is not correct to pay the cyberpunks because it would certainly be funding a criminal company, the disclosure of personal information held by banks could economically impact countless individuals. It is, consequently, testing to weigh the balance in this case.

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