7 Unity Ceremony Ideas

Wedding ceremony unity ideas are nicely designed to give that special day a facelift. They offer a perfect way to customize otherwise patterned ceremonies. It’s great that you choose a unity ceremony that features wedding symbols which best portray your marriage essence.

According to Wedding Forward, there’s a lot to choose from such as alternative, traditional, religion, non-traditional and even modern wedding ceremony ideas. With all the unity ceremony ideas about, it may be a bit overwhelming. So, we’ve helped select 7 of the best unity wedding ideas to match any belief, sentiment or race. You can adopt as seen or recreate to suit.

1. Plant a tree unity ceremony

This is a modern type of unity procedure that is ideal for ceremonies. It’s void of faith, spiritual or race bias. Great for outdoor weddings, the couple will plant a sapling in their garden before ceremony. This signifies growth.

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During the ceremony, the bride and groom will sprinkle the ground with soil for their containers. This can also pass for a family unity wedding ceremony as it’s all-inclusive. Children from both sides of the family will also sprinkle sand from their containers.
This shows the unity of the couple, blending of families or unity of the whole family. This plant will later grow and be a remembrance of their bond.

2. The ketubah signing unity wedding

This is an act of signing the marriage contract. One of the biggest wedding ceremonies traditions traced back to the Jews. This contract indicates that the couple promises to love, support, protect and honor each other through their union. It signifies unity.

In this tradition, the honor is fondly bestowed on two witnesses to be present at the contract signing with the couple. To sign this contract, you’ll need a befitting custom pen. You’ll find a gorgeous one in your bridal box.

After the exchange of rings, the contract is well-read aloud to the audience. Although traditional to the Jews, it’s adaptable to any faith.

3. Water unity ceremony

This is one of the alternative wedding ceremony ideas for indoor or outdoor weddings. For the outdoors, the couple will wash each other’s hands or feet. This symbolizes the removal of past emotional commitments and hindrances. The couple will both enter into the marriage on a clean slate.

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If it’s an indoor wedding, the couple will both share from a large goblet of drinking water. As water is pure, so does the purity of love they share.

4. Sand ceremony unity wedding

Looking for alternative wedding ceremony ideas instead of a unity candle? Try the sand ceremony. This time, rather than light a candle together, the couple will mix sands. The bride and groom will each pour sand of different colors from their small containers into a big one.

This sand mixes and signifies the coming together of souls. These souls cannot be quite separated, just as sands can’t be. Ideal for beach weddings, sands can be easily gotten from places of pleasant memories.

5. The unity candle wedding ceremony

This is a religious but non-traditional wedding ceremony of Judeo-Christian origins. It’s all about candles which symbolize unity. This ceremony is all-inclusive because guests and family alike can be part of it.

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The bride and groom will each hold a lighted candle. And together, they will light up a bigger candle by combining their flames. Family can join in on the fun by bringing together their flames to light up the gigantic candle. This symbolizes one big united family.
Guests are not left out as couples can fill out the entrance with candles. Each guest that walks in will light up one and say a prayer for the couple and their marriage.

6. Blanket wrap unity ceremony

One of the best alternative wedding ceremony ideas to the handfasting ceremony. This originates from the Native American Cherokee culture. A ceremony which signifies peace, warmth, and togetherness forever.

The bride and groom wrap themselves in each in a blue quilt. This signifies their pasts. The officiant blesses the union and wraps them together, quilts and all in a single bigger white blanket. This is the joining of couple as one, from their past, to take up the future in harmony and peace.

7. The lasso ceremony unity wedding

Of Spanish, Mexican and Filipino origins, this is tradition wedding ceremony idea. Used in place of a handfasting, it’s spiritual and binding. The couple says their vows, then the officiant of relative binds them with a rosary or floral rope. The rosary is long because they’re linked and this is often put over the couple’s shoulder in a figure-eight fashion.
As we know, eight can also pass for the infinity sign which means endless love and unity.

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This rosary or floral rope stays on their shoulders till the end of wedding service. At that point, whoever put it on them removes to and hands it to the wife. It will serve as a constant reminder of their commitment to each other.

Wedding ceremony unity ideas are great, fun, symbolic and spiritual. We’ve listed 7 of them for you to choose from.