9 Tips for a Smoother Tummy Tuck Recovery

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A tummy tuck can seem like a daunting procedure. Not only does it require a financial investment but the recovery process does take patience and perseverance. There are many unknowns about the recovery process that tend to make patients anxious. Not knowing how much pain you’ll be in, how easy it will be to use the bathroom and how you should sit and sleep are just a few of the many concerns.

Along with following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions, there are a few additional tips that you can use to enhance your recovery process.

  1. Wear Your Compression Garment

A compression garment might not seem like much but it can make a considerable difference to your recovery. Wearing your compression garment as instructed by your surgeon will decrease your pain levels and speed up your recovery.

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  1. Use a Cane If You Need To

During the first week, your abdominal muscles are going to be tight, which means walking upright can be quite uncomfortable. To take some strain off the abdominal area, some patients find it helpful to use a walker or cane for the first week after surgery. Unfortunately, this can result in some back pain, so you should decide whether this is right for you.

  1. Take the Prescribed Pain Medication

The numbing medication that’s injected into the abdominal tissues during surgery will half your pain levels for the first few days. Thereafter, it’s highly recommended that you take your prescribed pain medication to keep any discomfort to a minimum. It’s also best to fill your prescription before your surgery so that there’s no need to worry about it once you get home.

  1. Use Gauze to Pad the Drain

Plastic surgery clinics such as https://drjustinperron.com.au, recommend using gauze or maxi pads to pad the drain as well as the area between the hip bones and the compression garment.

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  1. Have some Anti-Nausea Medication at Home

Nausea is not a side effect that all tummy tuck patients experience but it is possible due to the anesthetic. It helps to have some crackers and anti-nausea medication at home to aid you during the first few days.

  1. Hold Off on Showering

You might be dying to get into a hot shower soon after your tummy tuck but it’s best to hold off on showering for a day or two. Most surgeons recommend waiting until your first follow-up visit so that you know how to handle the drain when you’re showering.

  1. Consider Getting a Toilet Seat Booster

In most homes, the toilet seat is fairly low and you don’t quite realize it until you need to sit down after a tummy tuck. Having to squat low onto a toilet is going to be daunting after surgery, which is why it’s helpful to get a toilet seat booster for your recovery.

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  1. Sleep in a Recliner If You Can

The most comfortable way to sleep after a tummy tuck is on your back with your legs bent and waist elevated. It’s also how your surgeon positions you during the surgery to close the incisions. If possible, try sleeping in a recliner for a few weeks after surgery.

  1. Compression Stockings Help Too

In order to reduce the chance of blood clots, compression stockings are also recommended after a tummy tuck. They only need to be worn for a few days after surgery for them to be effective. They may not be comfortable but they do keep swelling at bay.

By making a few small adjustments to your recovery plans, you can easily have a more positive surgical experience.