9 Traffic Generation Tips for Self-Published Products

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Having a product for publishing purposes (e.g. e-book) requires you to drive traffic to it. Yet, doing so can become a tedious task if you do not know how to go about it. We at UAE Consultants – business setup consultants in Dubai – will be giving you some tips on how to successfully generate traffic to your products, so you are able to sell any product you wish to be published.

Using social media to promote a product is currently one of the most popular methods to drive traffic to a website. In fact, the majority of blogging sites tend to make use of both Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness about their products, as they give you the opportunity to interact with potential customers.


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There are two ways of generating traffic with Facebook, through Facebook pages, and through the Facebook shop app. Facebook pages are considered to be the most effective way to do so, as they allow you to create fan pages for your products (e.g.- e-books), as well as to make use of your existing network to increase awareness of your product, which often also create some sort of a domino effect.

They also allow you to include some pictures or extracts of the product, to allow your potential customers to have an overview and set realistic expectations of the product they will be purchasing. You must also ensure the graphics of the page are as appealing and as inviting as possible, as they would create the first impression for the viewers and determine whether they might even consider learning more about your product or not.

On the other hand, the Facebook shop is an app that allows you to download your product to your Facebook page, also known as Ecwid. This app also allows you to give people access to your blog or Facebook page. Yet, it is more affordable to direct people to Facebook pages; therefore, we suggest you direct them to your Facebook page first and then to your blog, if necessary.


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Twitter and Facebook can be utilized simultaneously to attract followers. For instance, you can tweet brief messages about your product, and then direct your followers to your blogs or Facebook pages to allow them to learn more about the product they are interested in. There are also many companies using these forms of social networks, to increase their products’ popularity, as well as their traffic.


Utilizing YouTube to increase a product’s popularity is another effective method to allow your viewers to learn about your product, as well as to direct viewers to your blogs and Facebook pages. However, YouTube is not the only platform that allows you to upload videos to advertise your products, there are also screen capture software (e.g. Camtasia) and free online video services (e.g. Screenr), that serve the same function.


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It is quite common and simple to create podcasts right after creating a video, as you would only need to separate the audio from the visual content, to create a podcast that can be easily sold on iTunes, Amazon and shared sites (e.g. Podbean.com).  Screen capture software is very useful to create podcasts, as they have the option to separate both contents quite easily. Yet, this software is not the only way to do so, there are certain websites that do the same and upload the podcasts to the desired sites for free. While recording a podcast we recommend directing your followers verbally, to the specific sites that would facilitate their purchase of the product.

PDF Sharing

PDF sharing is most commonly used to sell books, as it allows you to upload specific chapters of a book into different websites that give its visitors free access to the book. This allows viewers to have a peek at the book and to those who are truly interested in reading it all, are directed to the site where they can have the option to purchase the full book (Scribd.com).

Article Marketing

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Articles written about the product (approx. 500 – 800 words long) that are shared through article directories (e.g. Ezinearticles.com) tend to be commonly used as both a branding method, as well as a way to increase traffic. The articles could include backlinks to your website, which would drive potential traffic to it, and allow your brand’s name to be known.

Authors’ Blogs

Another way to make your product popular can be through the creation of an author’s blog, which would be dedicated solely to traffic generation. The blog must include all the information you might consider relevant to your product, as well as hot topics. This would ensure the article is at the top of Google’s search results, and this alone can generate millions of followers.

Press Releases

Most big organizations utilize press releases to generate traffic. Yet, this can be an expensive method to advertise a product. As you would have to write an article and pay some money to another company (e.g. PRWeb) to place your article in the most popular internet websites. The articles can be placed on other people’s websites (article marketing) by creating backlinks to your website and potentially directing a lot of traffic to it.

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Paid advertising

If you have some money to spend, we recommend advertising your product through websites like Google AdWords and banner ads, as they would drive your target market directly to your website. However, this must be done properly, as it can become very costly when done incorrectly. Facebook is currently offering an option to allow you to target people that may show some interest in your product, as opposed to Google’s that targets your market based on the number of searches made of your main keywords alone. Yet, if you still want to advertise your ad on Google, you must ensure the keywords utilized set realistic expectations about your product. Otherwise, you would be prone to losing a lot of money.

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