All You Need to Know Before Visiting Cancun, Mexico

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Breathtaking crystal-clear water, white sand that will feel amazing while walking on it, and incredible seafood that will leave your taste buds craving for more are just some things that Cancun has to offer. A wide range of restaurants and bars, amazing hotel resorts, and adventures that can only be experienced while in this Mexican city will all provide you with once in a lifetime experiences.

If you are thinking about choosing Cancun as your next vacation destination, you are reading the right article. In the text below, you will learn about the things you should know before visiting this incredible city. Let’s take a look:

The Locals are Incredibly Tourist-friendly

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You will not have to worry about communicating and mingling with locals since they are all incredibly tourist-friendly – and if you have ever visited France, you know how uncomfortable it can be when the locals act like you do not exist. During 2016, over six million people visited Cancun, hence, it is not so shocking that this city is friendly to tourists. English is well-spoken by people living in Cancun, as well as the employees of restaurants, shops, bars, and hotels.

It is Safe To Visit

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As you know, some areas in Mexico are extremely dangerous, but, while in this Mexican city, you will not have to worry about the safety of you and your travel companions. Travelers who have visited Cancun in the last few years all stated that they felt incredibly safe, whether they were in the hotel zones, beaches, or other locations near the city, so, you should not worry about your safety being compromised. However, if you are worried, you can choose to stick to popular locations.

Not Everything Revolves Around Parties in Cancun

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A lot of people think that this city is a staple for spring breakers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bars, and nightclubs, but Cancun can offer you things beyond that! You can choose to snorkel, dive, swim with sharks/whales/dolphins, zip line into the jungle, and visit sightseeing spots Chichen Itza. Hence, anyone can find an activity there.

You Need to Go Outside Cancun to Experience the Local Culture

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Although it is good that the locals, hotel staff, and restaurant staff make people feel at home, there is a large absence of local culture there. If you visit this city for the ocean views, relaxing on the beach, and indulging in delicious food, you will have no problems with not experiencing their culture, but, the travelers who want to experience the local culture, it is recommended that they visit downtown Cancun and locations like Puerto Morelos and Akumal.

Also, it is worth mentioning that there are various companies that offer rent-a-car service, hence, you will be able to easily commute from one destination to the next with a car. If you want to see what rent-a-car options you have, visit

Do Not Drink the Tap Water

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You should not, I repeat, you should NOT drink the tap water in Cancun. It is not safe for consumption due to the fact that there are parasites and possibly deadly bacteria in it. There were cases in which tourists did not know about this and they became seriously ill because of the water. It is best if you stick to bottled water while you are visiting this city. If you want to take some extra measures, you could even wash your teeth with the water you have purchased. You do not want your trip to be ruined because you were unaware of the water problems.

You Can Easily Find A Hotel That Will Fit Any Budget

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There is a wide range of hotels that you can choose from, whether you want a luxurious hotel with a jacuzzi in your room or a simple room that you will only use for sleeping and showering, you will definitely be able to find a hotel that will fit your needs, as well as your budget. So, if you are like me, I would choose the cheapest hotel that has a bed and a decent bathroom and spend my money on other things during my visit to Cancun!

US Dollars Are Accepted, But You Should Opt for Using Pesos

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Most stores, bars, hotels, restaurants, and taxis do accept payments in US dollars, however, if you want to avoid paying a higher price for something, simply exchange your dollars for pesos in an exchange office. Not to mention that you will get your change in pesos, which will actually eat away on your budget.

The best thing to do is to exchange dollars to pesos in a bank back in the States, or if you did not do that before your trip, you can get pesos at any ATM or exchange office. With the expectations of taxis and street vendors, you can use your credit card to make payments, but the foreign transaction fee might also be included in it, so it is best if you simply stick to using cash.

Taxis Are Expensive, Buses Are Cheap

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Now, although renting a car is the best option, there might be some of you who do not know how to drive. And if you are in this situation, it is important to know that taxis can be quite expensive in Cancun, while the buses are extremely cheap.

Taking a taxi is expensive since they are not metered, but they do have set prices for popular tourist destinations like different beaches and the hotel zones. For example, taking a taxi from the airport to the hotel zone will cost you around $30 dollars, while a one-way bus ticket will end up costing 50 cents, which is an enormous price difference. Also, services such as provide you cheap transportation across Cancun.


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As you can see, Cancun is a safe, friendly, breathtaking place with a lot of adventures prepared for you. Hence, now that you know the answers to some of the most common questions about this travel destination, do not lose any more time and start researching about all the wonderful things you can do in Cancun, Mexico!