Ambergris Caye Island Romantic Weather: All You Need To Know

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You work for your money. Every day you report to a job, and every month you receive a hard-earned paycheck. Every month you put a little in savings with the hope that someday you can go on a vacation. Finally, you check your savings, and it is enough to take your whole family on an affordable vacation. The questions swirl. Where should you go? How much money should you spend? Somewhere warm or somewhere cold? When searching for a warm place to spend your vacation, consider Belizean Shores resort.

What is There to Do There?

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The activities are endless at this ocean destination. The Ambergris Caye Island Weather is beautifully allowing you to spend your day sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful views of the ocean from the resorts such as If you are more of an outdoorsy fanatic, consider fishing, snorkeling, tours of the area, sailing and many other oceanic activities. Along with those outdoor activities, there are also many spa activities, as well as many other fun onsite family activities.

The fishing is some of the best in the world. With the wide array of fish and the wide variety of fishing options from pole fishing to fly fishing, there is sure to be a fun fishing experience for anyone. The fish are known to be there are tarpon, snook, and jackfish. Other areas of fishing are known for there barracuda, permit, and bonefish.

The Belize area has 2.3 million acres of gorgeous protected land. This area is known as the “Jewel” There is plenty of space for all types of hiking, sightseeing, and exercising. This area is among the top-notch beautiful places in the world to visit. Other activities in this area that are known to be exciting and fun is cave tubing, rainforest sightseeing, zip-lining and exploring Mayan Ruins.

The ocean in this area of the world is calm. The Ambergris Caye Island weather is gorgeous. Because of this, some of the most beautiful reefs can grow. When visiting the Belizean Shores resort, take advantage of its scuba and snorkeling options. View sea turtles, sharks, snappers, and jackfish. All of these beautiful underwater reefs are welcoming for your viewing!

Do you enjoy boating and water sports?

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Because the Ambergris Caye Island Weather is a gorgeous ocean and sea sports are to die for. Check out the sail sports options offered by Belizean shores resort. Available to do while visiting is Catamaran sailing, kite surfing, or parasailing. All super fun opportunities to get onto the water. Although these outings are all available to do while you are in Belize, you should consider private charter them before actually getting to the island to ensure these activities are available during your visit here.

Along with all of the fun activities, there are delicious dining and snacking options. There are all-day basic menu options of pizza, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, wings, and mozzarella fritters.

But, those are all the necessary options you can get anywhere. Consider the more delicious and seasonal options. Such as delightful lobster, fish, or coco Blanca salad! These all sound like delicious options for your Belizean vacation.

The Sea Grass

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One fascinating fact about the beaches in this part of the world is that they offer an oddity in their barrier reef system. They have seagrass. Seagrass is a rare piece of the ocean and only occurs in places where the ocean waves are slow enough to allow it to grow. It is a super important piece of the ecosystem that is protected fiercely. That, unfortunately, makes it illegal for swimming to occur in parts of the ocean near the Belizean Shores resort!

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at Belizean Shores Resort?

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Although it is a destination resort, staying at Belizean Shores is relatively inexpensive. Rooms start at approximately 150 dollars a night. It depends on what type of room you are wanting. Single bed beachfront rooms start at 150 dollars, and Sea views beachfront suites end at approximately 300 dollars. How much you spend really up to you. If you want a little cheaper room to reserve more money for food and activities, then that is possible. Or if you are wanting to spend your whole vacation chilling in a beautiful suite, then consider getting the more expensive room!


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The Belizean Shores resort offers many different activities that will keep family members of all ages busy. The prices are reasonable and are affordable on any vacation budget. The food is delicious and available, whether you are at the pool or in your room. The experience is one of a kind and is the perfect place for you and your family to spend your next vacation! You won’t regret it!