Amazon Prime: Things You Need to Know


Amazon Prime (AP) has more than 100 million members as of yet. This is one of the evidence if its success. Its customers are given many privileges and access to Amazon Prime Video, exclusive deals, and free shipping as part of their AP Day celebrations. This is not the end. Users also get a variety of other Amazon-specific services for around $119 on an annual basis.

What is Amazon Prime?


It was launched in the year 2005 as a membership service that is continuing to evolve. After 14 years, Amazon has announced that it has expanded the latest services. Users will now be able to avail Next-day shipping, which is offered with Prime memberships throughout the nation with no minimum purchase restrictions or any additional charges.

Along with this, Amazon is adding a list of different products that are going to be available for Prime members only. This means that the numbers rose to more than 10 million as per the company’s announcement. Earlier this year, there is another feature added by the company called the Amazon Day for their Prime members. The service offers consumers an option to schedule their deliveries.

To make sure that your mail doesn’t have the same fate as mine, you can now add instructions them to deliver all your packages on a day that you find convenient. It also becomes a better option that prevents your package to sit around on your doorstep, which is a clear opportunity for porch pirates who are always on the lookout for abandoned packages. However, you can still choose to receive orders on other days as well using the one-day or the two-day delivery option if you need an item sooner.

Users can also avail all the deliveries in a single trip. The company will be able to consolidate items by using lesser and bigger boxes to cut down the number of trips needed to your home. This will eventually become a helping hand in reducing the carbon footprint. According to some sources, the aim of the organization is to make 50 percent of the shipments net carbon zero by the year 2030.

How Does Amazon Prime Work?


Since the beginning, the service has become an ever-expanding force that covers many areas. These areas include aspects and offers like free streaming for movies and music, fast-paced delivery and different discounts that are offered on groceries. You have to pay around $119 a year for the membership of Amazon Prime or you can pay around $13 every month. Is that it? No, it’s not.

There is something for students who are enrolled in at least one course at a college located in the U.S or Puerto Rico. So, if you are a student, you become eligible for an Amazon Prime Student account. Students need to pay around $59 on a yearly basis or they can pay around $6.49 per month (for a total annual charge of $77.88).

You can also add more by offering members an extra 10 percent off on items sold at the Whole Foods Markets. In addition to this, there are additional price cuts every week on selected products. Now Amazon Prime offers a 2-hour delivery of groceries for free along with a more limited set of products in selected cities.

For people who want their packages delivered to their cars can avail an exclusive service if they own a Cadillac, GMC, Volvo or Buick models. Plus, your car has to be a 2015 made vehicle with an active OnStar or Volvo On Call account. Amazon Prime members can avail this service in 37 cities to prevent incidents related to package theft.

The service is quite similar to a service called Amazon Key, which allowed couriers to enter your home and drop the packages even when you are not at home. The price of the service was around $220 as it included a home smart lock and a camera. The users were not charged for any installation charges if the courier had to access the trunk of your car.

Other Benefits Offered By Amazon Prime

Look at the following benefits that Amazon Prime members can avail:

  • Amazon Prime members can use the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card that gives cardholders a cashback of 5 percent for using and 2 percent cashback on gas stations, purchases on drugstores, and restaurants. Furthermore, this reward system gets users a 1 percent cashback anywhere else in the world. The rewards are earned as points which can be redeemed for credit statement.
  • Its members can avail unlimited access to more than 1 million songs and a vast library of playlists and stations without any ads or commercials.

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  • You can use the Prime Now feature that comes with the Amazon Prime account and allows customers in many parts of the country to shop throughout the day at any given time of the week using a mobile app. The mobile app can be downloaded using any of the internet services like The app allows you to buy gifts, food from your nearest restaurant or stores and groceries.
  • Bookworms who love reading e-books online can get access to more than 800,000 titles using the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Moreover, they can borrow one book per month without worrying about any due dates. They can also access one of the pre-release books per month using Kindle First.

AP Day is right around the corner, you can avail all the amazing discounts, offers and more using your Amazon Prime membership. These guys are also working on to provide endless convenience and saving opportunities to users living in many parts of America. This is the reason that it is one of the most preferred online platforms to buy and sell goods online.