Apple Net Worth – American Giant

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In today’s world, everyone has at least once in their lifetime heard about Apple. But have you ever wondered how it all started and how come that once a small company became the most successful company in the world? In case you are wondering these questions, please continue reading the following article. You will be provided with some key information about Apple. Therefore, you can learn more about its history, development, and net worth.
Apple Inc. is one of the leading computer software, consumer electronics, and online services companies. This multinational technology company is located in Cupertino, California. When it comes to the products Apple is known for, they include the iPhone smartphone, the Mac personal computer, the iPad tablet computer, the Apple Watch smartwatch, the iPod portable media player, and so on.

History of Apple Inc.

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Apple was founded in April 1976. The founders were Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak. Originally the vision of the creators of Apple was to make computers small enough so people can use them in their homes, or offices. In other words, their vision was to create computers that are user-friendly.
The first name of the company was Apple I and it was located in Jobs’ garage. Apple II introduced the colorized graphics and thus changed the computer world forever. In 1978, Apple’s sales jumped from 7.8 million dollars to 117 million. In 1980, Apple went public.
Throughout the 80s Apple’s success was still growing. It wasn’t before the 90s that Apple has reached its peak. The 90s were marked by the highest ranks this company had ever had. Generally, this period is referred to as one of the most successful periods of the company. One of the major deals was the one with a company named Adobe (the creator of Adobe Portable Document Format – PDF). Apple and Adobe together created desktop publishing.
After great success at the beginning of the decade, the company was considered to be the edge of existence in 1997. However, Steve Jobs managed to raise the company from the ashes. He launched the iOS. Furthermore, he started projects like iBook (a personal laptop) and iTunes which were one of the key reasons for Apple’s success today. Despite the fact that Steve Jobs died in 2011, Apple continues to be one of the leading firms in the industry today.

Apple Inc. – Net Worth

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Apple, Inc. got the status of being a trillion-dollar company. They introduced their new products – iPhones and details when it comes to the pricing for their subscription offerings. According to Forbes, Apple is the true leader when it comes to the most valuable brands because it is ranked first on its annual list, for the ninth time.
Despite the popular belief that the majority of Apple’s earnings come from the popular iPhone, Apple makes money from numerous other engagements. For example, iPods, iPads, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, HomePods take up a certain amount of Apple’s income. Furthermore, the services related to Apple, such as App Store, Apple Music, Apple News, iCloud, and iTunes Store are very important for Apple’s net worth as well.
When it comes to the ranking, Apple comes first as the world’s largest information technology company by the total assets, as well as the revenue. Also, it is ranked as the second-largest (after Samsung) mobile phone manufacturer in the world.
In 2018, Apple got to one of the greatest successes a company can get to. What happened was that on August 2nd, Apple got the status of the first publicly traded U.S. company to reach a $1 trillion market value.

In conclusion, even though Apple is considered to be America’s most successful financial giant, it has gone through some hard times. However, Apple Inc. managed to rise above the problems and come back even stronger. Furthermore, the strength of Apple Inc. lays in the people employed there, and the leaders who know how to attract the customers. Thus, considering the history of Apple Inc, it’s no wonder why it is called the world’s largest and most successful information technology company.