Are Recliners The Answer For Those With Back Pain?

There are a lot of people who are suffering from pain around their necks and backs, and this is often as a result of their sitting or lying postures. The pain which may become persistent could worsen from the improper use of recliners which are known to provide soothing relief in the affected areas. Although regular visits to your doctor have its benefits, learning to make proper use of recliners will set you on the path to a quick recovery.

How do Recliners Work?

According to, recliners are designed to provide maximum support for your spine to prevent straining your neck muscles while you lay down on it. When sitting on the traditional chair for long periods, the muscles in the back of your neck may start to tighten since they are still in use. The overuse of these muscles often results in stiffness around the back and neck.

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The lying position takes the pressure off the neck and back for those that are resting on a well-designed surface. A good posture ensures that you maintain a natural spinal alignment, relieving tension that may worsen your condition. With good recliners, you get to relax and recover from stress-induced pain in an effective and inexpensive way.

There are a couple of things you should know about using recliners or sitting in a reclining position which would be discussed in detail as you read further.

Support for Your Back

There are a couple of recliners that are designed to conform with the natural curve of your spine while you sit and relax on it. For added support, users may roll up a towel that would be placed behind their necks and lower back to ensure that the gaps between those areas and the surface of the recliner are filled.

With the right support structure, your back and neck muscles are relaxed as compared to when you have to sit upright on a regular chair. As your muscles relax, the blood vessels are no longer constricted and blood-flow improves. This, in turn, improves the condition of your back, as well as your overall health and physical wellbeing.

Relieve Muscle Tension

Sitting in an upright position for an extended period keeps the muscles of the back and neck contracted. A bad posture while lying down on your back can lead to the arching of the spine which eventually worsens the pain in your lower back and neck. These muscles become strained from prolonged use as a result of lying in awkward positions. Proper use of recliners helps to relieve muscle tension which is often the main cause of back pain. If the pain is severe, experts also recommend specific mattresses for sciatica or back pain, which you can read about here. For list of best mattresses for back pain, you can check

Improve Blood Circulation and Relieve Symptoms of Varicose Veins

Blood circulation is very important as it ensures that the vital organs of the body are in proper working condition. Although regular exercise help to maintain a healthy circulatory system, too much strain on the muscles can lead to soreness which is bad for you. You may also begin to develop varicose veins that cause discomfort in the affected areas.

Relaxing in a comfortable position on a recliner ensures that your blood vessels are dilated, improving the amount of oxygen that reaches the muscles. With proper blood flow, your days of suffering from back pain would come to an end.

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Heal Quickly After Surgery

After a major surgery, there are several recovery programs that are put in place to ensure that people recover quickly. Apart from physical stress, surgical procedures can be emotionally stressful for most individuals. Proper relaxation is essential to ensure that you return to top shape within a short time. A recliner would make recovery easier as it keeps you relaxed as sore muscles heal.

Final Thoughts

Researchers have found that the reclining position is ideal for relieving back pain as it reduces stress on the muscles from improper spinal alignment. They have recommended the use of recliners for individuals who have to sit for long periods.

Your back pain could be a result of an underlying health condition that requires medical attention but the use of recliners would help to reduce discomfort while you recover. There are several reviews online to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a recliner, regardless of your budget.