How to Relieve Lower Back Pain with Exercises

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Experiencing lower back pain can not only make your normal workout routine much less pleasant but also affect every aspect of your personal and professional life. However, no matter if you have just started experiencing some lower back pain or if you suffer from it for a long time, there are always ways you can relieve that discomfort and stay active. The key is knowing which exercises are perfect for your condition and how to properly perform them.

Press-up back extensions

This is a great exercise for strengthening your back. Start lying on your stomach with your hands directly below your shoulders. Push with your hands until you feel your shoulders lifting from the ground. If you’re comfortable with the position, try to hold it for a few seconds before relaxing your shoulders.

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Pelvic tilts

Before your lower back pain gets you squirming on the floor in pain, try to prevent pain and do some pelvic tilts. Start on your back with your knees bent and pull your stomach in (imagine that someone is pulling your belly button towards the spine). As you do that, your pelvis will tilt and your hips will rock back. This workout is great for strengthening your pelvis and core muscles which indirectly affect your lower back.

Glute bridge

This exercise can be a true blessing for someone suffering from back pain. Besides targeting your lower back directly, it also strengthens almost every supporting muscle for your back from hamstrings and glutes to abs and hips. However, when lifting your butt, try not to arch your back—keep your abdomen nice and tight to get that plank-like position with your shoulders, hips, and knees making a single line.

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Partial crunches

This is a classic core exercise great for strengthening both your abs and your lower back. The fact that it targets both back and core muscles, makes partial crunches perfect for all people with spondylosis.

Lift smart

Many people think they can’t possibly weight lift when suffering from back issues, but that’s not true. While some exercises can make your pain worse, if done correctly, some weightlifting exercises can actually do a lot of good by strengthening your back and all the other supporting muscles of your spine. If you’re a beginner, according to GarageGymBuilder getting a bench is a great way to start weightlifting. These equipment pieces allow you to perform many exercises and most models can be folded and wheeled away when not in use.

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Do cardio

Classic aerobic workouts (aka cardio) are a great way to strengthen your entire body and your cardiovascular system. Activities like biking, swimming, hiking, and jogging will definitely get your blood pumping and fill all blood vessels from the lungs to your back. If you’re just starting, make sure, to begin with, short sessions and lengthen them as your stamina improves.

Hamstring stretches

Stretching can also help your back and relieve some of the pain. Hamstring stretches are especially beneficial since you’ll get to target specific muscles that support the work of your lower spine. All you need for a proper hamstring stretch is a band and you can start your path to recovery.

Every time you start a new workout, you can expect some discomfort, but as you push forward and improve your health and strengthen your muscles, you can expect to notice many benefits. However, if your new routine causes more pain than before, make sure to end it and see your doctor or consult with a personal trainer.