Are You Familiar With These Psychedelics?


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If you grew up in the Netherlands or might have been here for a while already, you must be no stranger to weed. However, there are many more kinds of psychedelics that can give you a pleasant experience that you might have never heard of! Below, we will share some information on different consciousness-expanding agents and name some examples.

Mescaline Cacti


Yes, these are plants indeed! The way you are familiar with cacti stays the same; they still don’t need a lot of water. But you might — after purchasing a mescaline cactus! In these cacti, there is a psychedelic substance that is called mescaline. It occurs naturally in several different cactus plants. That means it’s a naturally occurring amphetamine, and when ingested, it produces hallucinogenic and psychoactive effects.

Yopo seeds


Another agent who gives you hallucinations is Yopo seeds.  Yopo seeds are full of the hallucinatory substance 5-MeO-DMT and are very popular. The seeds come from an exotic Amazonian plant, also known as Anadenanthera Peregrina, almost impossible to find outside its natural habitat.

Also, a lot can be said about the rich history of these seeds, but we will spare you the details. After treating the seeds into yopo powder to sniff, the powder should be inhaled through a tube. After that, sit back and relax; you are about to witness a whole bunch of hallucinations.

Magic Truffles


You may be familiar with the psychedelic mushroom commonly known as “shrooms” or “magic mushrooms”. Magic truffles are the same as magic mushrooms belonging to the same species of psychoactive fungi, just at a different stage of development.

Known as sclerotia, psychoactive truffles are simply a dormant form of fungus, storing food reserves in a hardened mycelium until ready to grow into psychoactive mushrooms. There are several species of truffles containing the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin in accessible language: there are different sorts of magic truffles.

Magic truffles can produce a powerful and intense psychedelic effect and a profoundly introspective experience. These species also go by the name of ‘philosophers stone because of the inner awareness one goes through when consuming magic truffles and various hallucinating effects.

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Why Do People Take Hallucinogens?

Hallucinogens are a type of substance that causes illusions or feelings and images that appear natural but are not. For millennia, hallucinogens, often known as psychedelics, have been employed for spiritual ceremonies by artists to spur creativity and enjoyment.

The motives why people experiment with hallucinogens vary, but for the most part, they affect perception, ideas, and feelings. Although most are not addictive, some may be, there may be some hazards and benefits to using hallucinogens.

Common Applications


Drugs that cause hallucinations and dissociation are utilized for several purposes.

Use for amusement

Social and recreational usage of hallucinogenic and dissociative substances are common. Psychedelics are sometimes used to cope with stress or gain enlightenment. Some people use psychedelic drugs to get away from their problems or pass the time.

Spiritual Interests


In spiritual endeavors, hallucinogens are occasionally used to generate mystical “visions” or simply a separation from reality to be closer to mythological entities. Hallucinogens have long been employed in indigenous cultures’ shamanic activities, and some have even been adopted into faiths.

Usages in Medicine

Individuals may use psychedelics with psychological or emotional problems to modify their mental state. Psychedelics have been studied to help certain people with their psychotherapy.

Certain psychedelic substances have been medically investigated to see if they have therapeutic benefits in mood, substance use, and anxiety problems while not being licensed for such usage at this time.

Anecdotal reports and tiny investigations have shown that ayahuasca may be a potential treatment for drug use problems and other psychological issues, as per a study released in 2017. Still, no large-scale study has confirmed its effectiveness.

The Mechanism Behind Psychedelics


The onset of hallucinogens is often delayed, but this differs by substance and relies on circumstances like whether a drug is consumed on an empty belly. LSD takes around an hour to take effect, but it can last somewhere from four to twelve hours until it wears off. DMT, on the other hand, takes action considerably faster but only lasts a few hours.

Despite the fact that hallucinogenic substances pass through the body swiftly, their psychological impact might persist for a long time. Psychedelics can cause memories or Hallucinogen Persisting Vision Disorders and other psychological issues such as substance-induced psychosis, depression, and chronic anxiety.

Although psychedelics are dangerous for anybody, those with an individual or familial history of psychosis, depression, or anxiety condition are more likely to acquire these long-term symptoms and should avert them.

Psychedelic Drugs’ Side Effects

Hallucinogenic drugs have different effects on different people. Quantity, surroundings, and personality all impact how psychedelics affect individuals. Psychedelic substances may have the following side effects:

  • Changes in time perception
  • Having trouble speaking with others in a concise and straightforward manner
  • Hallucinations include sensations, hearing sounds, and seeing images that aren’t real.
  • Increased awareness or comprehension
  • Enhanced vitality
  • The inability to think logically
  • Mixed sensory encounters
  • Nausea
  • Spiritual encounters
  • Experiencing vivid sensory experiences

Take Away

Tread cautiously if you want to use hallucinogenic drugs for entertainment purposes or alleviate signs of a mental health issue. If you suffer any terrible side effects, get professional help straight away.

Keep in mind that there are other options besides medicines for improving your mental health and shifting your emphasis to a more positive view. If you have to see a psychotherapist, speak with your doctor.