Why Have a Pet? Benefits of Being a Pet Owner 

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Have you ever considered whether you should get a house pet or not? Maybe you’ve sat down with your family and thought of getting your first dog. You’ve heard the saying, “a dog is a man’s best friend.” As cliche as it sounds, it’s actually true. While the phrase specifies dogs, other pets like cats, fishes, birds, and others make good companions for people. And that’s just one positive aspect of being a pet owner!

While some people immediately brush off the prospect of having it for different reasons, having a pet can actually benefit you in several ways and people are . If you think you’re ready and would like to find out more about the reasons to convince yourself (your parents or your partner) that it’s time for you to have a pet, read on and learn more about these benefits why every family should have a pet.

Benefits of having a pet

Pets can help improve your mental health

Having pets can benefit an owner physically and mentally. Studies have shown an association between mental health and pet ownership. For instance, some research has established that therapy dogs and companion dogs have helped alleviate stress levels and symptoms of specific mental health problems like PTSD.

Taking care of dogs, cats, or other pets and playing with them establishes a routine, which can help some deal with anxiety and stress. Simply petting or brushing and feeding them, or playing with them can be stress-relieving for some people. They can also boost their owners’ overall mood.

They can also help you improve your physical health

Besides some of these mental health benefits, having pets can also improve a person’s physical health. If you decide to get one, you would have a responsibility to take care of them, which means you’d have to be more physically active. They can add a little push to your step by getting you off your couch whenever they need to be fed. For some pets, like dogs, they can also be your workout buddy! And no, we’re not talking about having them lift weights with you in the gym – just simply walking them outside or playing with them at home can serve as a good workout if you do it enough daily.

Pets are great companions

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Pets also offer companionship to humans, making the world a little less lonely. Whether you live alone or live with other people but don’t get to spend enough time together, pets can ensure that you always have your best friend for company. Sure, they won’t understand a word that you’re saying (unless you’re a fairy tale character), but the interactions that you’ll have with your pets are sure to still make you and them feel a sense of love and care. They won’t be there to judge you and would love you unconditionally the same way you would.

Pets can encourage socialization

Having pets can also help you socialize and interact with other people. They’re a good conversation starter, so having them can get the ball rolling even if you feel a little shy but would want to reach out to others. For example, let’s say you’re walking outside with your dog or cat, and you happen to pass by another owner. From just a simple greeting, you can have a brief conversation about your breed or any tricks that they can do. Before you know it, you and your pet have found new friends.

You can also find yourself belonging in a community that shares the same love for pets the way you do. Whether online or offline, you can interact with group members, share stories about your own pets, and share tips about being an owner.

They can also help you feel safe

Some pets can also help you feel safe. For some people, simply having their dogs, cats, birds, or other pets around the house can help them feel like they’re not alone. Some can even protect you and your home from potential danger or unwanted visitors. Certain dog breeds, like Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, and German Shepherds, have qualities that make them the best guard dogs.

Some factors you need to consider

All these benefits make being a owner sound like such a fun and great experience (and it is!) However, before you officially declare yourself a owner and go to the animal shelter or a pet shop, you first need to ensure that you’re ready and you know which one would be the best choice for you.

Medical background

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For one, you need to consider your medical status. Some specially-trained pets are there to act as companions for some people that need medical assistance. Still, if you’re planning to have other pets that won’t have this primary purpose, you need to ensure that you’re going to be okay and well enough to take care of both you and your pet. Do you have any health conditions that can worsen or be triggered by having a certain pet? If you’re living with others, do they have any medical conditions that need to be taken note of as well? Considering these questions can help you decide or narrow down your options of what pet you want to have.

Financial status

Another significant factor you need to consider is if you’re financially ready. You need to include pet care essentials in your monthly budget; this includes pet food, medical expenses (for necessary shots or potential emergencies), hygiene objects, and other furniture, like cages, litter boxes, aquariums, and others.

Home location and environment

Next, it’s helpful to consider if you have the best environment for you and your pet to live in. For example, if you have plans to have a hamster, is there enough space to put the hamster cage in your house or apartment? If you’re planning to have cats or dogs, are your appliances made of scratch-proof materials, or are some of your things placed in areas they can’t reach?

If you currently don’t have the space, you can always consider making adjustments if you’re willing to. For example, you can adjust your yard or find deck builders to make your decks a suitable space for your chosen pet.


Lastly, you’ll need to consider if your very lifestyle suits being a pet owner. As lovely as it all is to have a pet right by your side, it’s still a big responsibility. This includes having enough time for your pet or being able to find people to take care of them if you need to be away. Understanding your lifestyle can also help you identify which pet you think would be best for you. For example, if you have a job that takes up most of your time daily, you can consider going for low-maintenance pets like certain types of fish or mice.

As you’ve read, having a can be awesome. Hopefully, after considering the factors that ensure that you’re ready and reading about the benefits of being a owner, you can take the next step and find the best pet for you.