The Possible Benefits of CBD on Pets


It is a fact that most pet owners take care of their pets as if they were their children. And such affection must be appreciated because taking care of pets is not easy. We say that because just like humans, pets may suffer from different kinds of health issues. This can occur from time to time and of course it affects the quality of life of a pet. And when such time comes for your pets it is understandable that you will search for any forms of help you can provide. It is a fact that it takes a lot of time and attention to improve the health of your pet. Even if the pet is healthy, it requires some of your valuable time to maintain that health state.

There are tons of products of all sorts that you can use for your pet, some natural, some not. In fact, the market is full of products for dogs and cats. As you may know, dogs and cats are the most common pets in our houses. Keep in mind that not all of these products are long term solutions that do not cause any side effects. That is because in order for a product to be a long term solution, it must be an all-natural product. CBD or Cannabidiol seems to be the all-natural one, since it comes from the cannabis plants.

And that is why we are here writing about Cannabidiol  and you are here reading about CBD. We are here to provide you valuable information regarding Cannabidiol and its effects on pets. That is what matters the most and below you will find exactly that. Before moving forward, let’s just say that your pet is really lucky to have you as the owner.

Taking care of a pet requires attention


When a pet feels sick, taking care of them is not an easy task at all. First, you try to fully understand the situation in which the pet is. After that, it is clear that you will search for solutions, for the best possible options to treat your pet. And as we made it clear above, not all options or products you may encounter are of good value. Some of the products out there are just short term solutions that can also cause negative side effects, such as addiction. What you should search for are the all-natural products available in the market of pet products. Here we present to you one of the all-natural options for your pet, CBD.

We will answer the most important questions about Cannabidiol and its effects for pets. The first things you should know are the basics of CBD, before moving on to other information. CBD’s effects, possible benefits for pets, and some useful tips are the other things you will learn. In the end, we will recommend some CBD oil products for your pet, so you get the full package.

What is CBD really and why is CBD legal?


Cannabidiol is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant, and one of the hundreds of cannabinoids present in this plant. Being a cannabis plant’s compound was not easy for CBD to break through prejudgment. That is because cannabis plants such as Marijuana are illegal in most countries. But cannabis plants are of different types and these differ from each other in Cannabidiol and THC concentration. So, both THC and Cannabinoids are ingredients present on cannabis plants, and both are cannabinoids. But, THC besides helping in some ways, it is not as safe as CBD, because THC has the ability to cause addiction. THC has psychoactive capabilities that can cause addiction and make a user “high”, while Cannabidiol does not have such ability.

That is why CBD has emerged as the perfect cannabis derivative to use for medicinal purposes. And that is why CBD products are safe to use and legal in most countries. In fact, in most of the USA, all plants that have less than 0.3% THC are safe to use, thus legal. Only that amount of THC is considered safe and legal for a product to contain. Above we mentioned marijuana as the one plant which is illegal in most countries. It is because it may contain more than 20% THC and just around 10% CBD. But, of course, there are varieties of cannabis with different concentrations of THC and Cannabidiol.

The Cannabis Sativa family of cannabis plants has two main strains, marijuana and hemp. We talked about marijuana, but let’s talk about hemp. Hemp is the one plant that can meet the legality conditions because this plant is able to produce more than 20% CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

The USA leads on research and volume regarding Cannabidiol , but there is one European country that leads on quality. We are talking Swiss-quality, because it is Switzerland that has achieved the most regarding law about Cannabidiol. That helped the companies of this country to lead in the market of CBD products. GreenPassion is the perfect example of high quality CBD products for humans and also for pets.

The effects and the benefits of CBD for pets


CBD offers a long list of therapeutic properties that can improve the health of a pet. Starting from the ability to relieve pain in many ways. Cannabidiol is a painkiller, including skin pain and the pain caused by other health issues, such as cancer, for instance. The anticonvulsant property of CBD helps against seizures, spasms, etc. This chemical  is also able to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and other issues that destroy the pet’s mood. Keep in mind that the above issues not just affect the pet directly, but also indirectly by causing even bigger problems. When a pet is not in the right mood, it ages faster, becomes more aggressive, etc.

In addition to that, this chemical  can stimulate the appetite of a pet and can act as an anti-inflammatory compound. It is important to state that pets benefit from Cannabidiol in similar ways humans benefit from it. All mammals have the endocannabinoid system which regulates functions such as sleep, mood, memory, appetite, etc. And is able to interact with the receptors of this system to release its effects.