Benefits of Using A Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors

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Vacuum cleaners have indeed made our lives easier by making cleaning easier for us. After their inception from the year 1996, they have come a long way. You can now choose a vacuum cleaner from a huge collection of varieties, categorized in the form of wheels, portability, integrated apps, vertical, horizontal and the list keeps going on.

Hardwood floors stand out from the traditional houses because of their genuine natural and artsy looks. Given the composition of woods, they need a different way for maintenance which does not match with the traditional ways. It does not require a totally different approach but since woods are perishable and usually have a shorter life span in comparison to bricks or tiles, special care should be taken so that the depreciation of assets is kept at the minimum level. That’s why choosing the tools for maintenance has to be precise, otherwise, you might not be able to reach the goal mentioned earlier.

This article will give you some insights about the benefits of keeping a different or individual vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floors.

1. Scratch-free wood

Most of the vacuum cleaners are fixed with plastic or metal wheels and more powerful vacuum cleaners are usually heavier. When you use such vacuum cleaners for cleaning your hardwood floors then the probability of leaving scratches on the floor increases. Wheels with plastics are like arch-enemies to your floors.

In order to manage this issue, you keep simply reduce the risk by using a vacuum cleaner having rubber wheels which are less likely to leave a scratch on your floor. Also, make sure that your vacuum cleaner does not have any beater bars, those VCs should only be used for fluffy carpeted floors. Using them for your hardwood floors can turn your floor into tears.

2. Your floor lasts longer

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Dry cleaning is usually the best way of cleaning a hardwood floor with some occasional moping. But excess moistening of woods can seriously hamper the brightness of the floor and if not taken care of, can cause the wood to rot. Floors made with beech and hard maple are the most sensitive cases. You can find many vacuum cleaners which come with both the options of vacuum cleaning and moping.

Make sure that your vacuum cleaner does not make your floors extra wet while mopping. Be extra careful when you buy a VC for your hardwood floors. Ideally, the floors should not remain wet for more than 1 minute to keep the woods healthy in the long run.

3. Your floor shines longer

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Using your household dust treatments for mopping can cause a wax build-up which can leave your finish to look dull. If proper care is not taken, then it might even prevent your finish to bond with any future coatings. Keeping an individual VC will simply save you from this pain and also keeps your floor shining like a crazy diamond.

4. For ease of cleaning:

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Simply speaking, we use vacuum cleaners to make our cleaning easy and comfortable. Given the distinctive features of each vacuum cleaners, some VCs are simply not efficient for some type of cleaning e.g. beater bars are efficient format or carpets but not for hardwood floors. Using beater bars for cleaning your hardwood floor would not only make things difficult for you but also do more harm than good. A different VC used for a different purpose keeps you hassle-free.

I tried to show all the perspectives into the matter while writing this article, I hope they were sufficient to help you make your mind. For comparison and pricing guides about vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet visit VacuumsAdvisor.