Best Apps for Freelancers That Will Be Game Changer for Your Career


Becoming a freelancer is a liberating feeling that cannot be compensated with the boundless financial gains that you might get from a full-time job. For the longest freelancers were frowned upon because it highlights a sense of rebelliousness and the willingness to stand out without conforming to the normal 9-5 mindset.

During the pandemic when companies laid off a lot of employees, a domino effect initiated globally where the dynamics of jobs and life changed. People are now willing to compromise on financial benefits when compared to flexible working hours and freedom of choice. To further fortify this ideology, great resignation and lying flat movements in Asian countries also played a pivotal role.

Zippia reports that currently there are 70.4 million freelancers in the US workforce. The number might be huge but it is growing even now. The report also explains that within the year 2024-2022, the number of freelancers has seen a sharp surge.

An estimated growth in freelancers during this time falls somewhere between 19 to 20 percent. Moreover, the ratio of freelancers is higher among post-grad degree holders standing at a whopping 51% as compared to high school diploma holders who stand at a mere 31%.

This trend highlights that people who are educated are now choosing to stay liberated so they can work in their comfort. Similarly, freelancing is generally more common in design and tech grads as compared to people in administrative jobs.

If you want to say goodbye to the corporate shackles now may be the best time. With multiple online freelancing platforms, task-managing tools, and progress-boosting applications, freelancing is becoming more profitable than ever.


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What Kind of Apps Do You Need as A Freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer might seem very liberating and it truly is, but you are practically running a one-man show where you are juggling a lot of roles, and wearing a lot of hats all at once. You are the main show making everyone laugh but you are also selling the tickets and wrapping things up by the end of the performance. Seems pretty exhausting right? Well, that’s the price of freedom.

To help you make the most out of your time without hiring someone to help, here are the types of apps that you must use:

  • Use a task management app
  • Use a calendar app
  • Client interaction and apps
  • Use background noise cancelation and Pomodoro-style apps
  • Budget planning and invoice-making app

These apps will help you complete your task much faster without wasting time. These apps with further help you scale so you can bring more people on board as you build your small business where people who share the same passion can join in.

Best Apps For Freelancers That Will Help You Earn More


No matter you are a tech wiz, a design guru, a writer or you work as a task manager, these apps will help you boost your productivity.

Task Management Apps

For solo task management, you do not need to buy any premium account. Most of the task management apps are free for freelancers so you will be able to track the progress of your tasks, manage your schedule and collaborate with others for free.

Some of the best and most widely used task management apps include Jira,, asana, Bootcamp, and Trello. Although Jira, asana, and are perfect for task management they are meant for big teams. As a solo player, you need something as easy as Trello or Bootcamp.

Use A Calendar App

Calendar and to-do listing apps are perfect for freelancers to help them meet deadlines. Where most people hire assistants that can help them prioritize work and manage workload, calendar apps do all these things for free. You can use agenda, Todoist, Microsoft To-Do, Tick-Tick, Google Task, or just Google Calendar.

Most of these apps come with google calendar integration so it is much better to use google calendar rather than getting on any other apps. Google Calendar is the safest, easiest, and most user-friendly option even for daily routine management.

Money Management Apps


As a freelance, you cannot keep all your money in the same account so you need to keep tabs on the money that is coming and that you will be spending. For managing your money, you can use apps like Mint, YNAB, EveryDollar, and Personal Capital.

As a freelancer, you do not want things to get complicated so start with Personal Capital. This app will help you track the earned and spent money. You can easily track and assign the budget that you need to spend and how much you can spare. If you want an all-in-one app that can help you track loans, bills, investment details, savings, and your day-to-day spending, mint is perfect for you.

Client Interaction and Apps

As a freelancer, fiver and Up Work are the holy grail of freelance work. However, you also need to have a professional profile where people can view your work, get in touch with you and see your progress. One of the best profile interaction sites is LinkedIn. You can reach people from your domain and you can ask for tips, share work, and get inspired by their work as well.

Background Noise Cancelation And Promodoro Style Apps


being a freelancer comes with its challenges. You have to work through all kinds of noises. When your client needs the work, you cannot think about your pet running around, random traffic, or construction noises.

This is where you need noise cancellation apps like Noisli, Krisp, Audacity, Audiofix, etc. For boosting your productivity, you will also need Pomodoro-style apps like Forest, Minimalist, Pomotodo, Focus Booster, etc.

Bottom Line

As a freelancer, your management needs to be top-notch. If you fail to manage your work, you might as well lose the client. These apps will help you manage your work and meet new clients so you can meet all deadlines and become a pro at freelancing.