What is the Best Mattress for the Back in 2024

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Every day you wake up with a sore back and wrecked. A feeling that, unfortunately, more and more people experience. The reasons can be several, although perhaps one of the easiest to solve may be to change the mattress or, rather, choose a suitable mattress for the back. But what is the best mattress for the back.

Back pain cannot be solved only by changing mattresses, but it is true that it plays an important role in helping to prevent pain.

Some time ago it was thought that very hard mattresses relieved back pain. But the truth is that they are not the most suitable. Why? These mattresses do not give way to the pressure of the body, but end up causing great pressure on the bones, leading to inflammation, especially in the hips and shoulders if you sleep on your side and in the lumbar area if you sleep on your back.

So if a hard mattress is not recommended, what is the best mattress for the back. Well that is precisely where the crux of the matter lies. Hardness is one of the most important aspects when it comes to knowing which is the best mattress for your back. You have to choose a mattress that is not too hard, that does not feel as if you were sleeping on a board or on the same floor. But of course, it cannot be too soft either, since it will tend to sink and will not offer any support. So, we must choose one that adapts to the curvature of the sword and offers complete subjection to the vertebral commune.

The thickness of the mattress is also important in determining the best mattress for your back. It must be thick enough to support our weight throughout the night, guaranteeing maximum support. Therefore, it is recommended that the mattress be at least 15 cm thick.

And without forgetting the size. To find out which is the best mattress for your back, we recommend that you make sure that it is large enough to be able to adopt a healthy posture while we sleep . Whether we sleep in a single bed or if we sleep in a double bed with another person, there must be enough space to sleep comfortably.

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And you might be thinking, “yeah, yeah, but what about the core of the mattress?” Do not worry. Keep reading and get out of doubt.

We could say that foam mattresses are the least recommended if you suffer from back pain because, although at first they may seem comfortable, over time the foam, if it is not reinforced with another material, can deform and lose the initial firmness that our back has. needs to.

For their part, spring mattresses have evolved a lot. Currently, spring mattresses are made up of independent springs that adapt individually to your body. They are neither the best nor the worst option as a back mattress. Although it is true that if you opt for a pocket spring mattress it is better that it has a sufficient number of springs and between them there is the minimum space to guarantee sufficient firmness for your back.

What if it’s a latex mattress? In that case, look at the quality. If it is not of sufficient quality, it can be very soft and not very stable. We must choose a high-quality latex mattress to sleep well.

If foam, pocket spring, and latex mattresses aren’t the best, then what is the best mattress for your back. Perhaps memory foam mattresses are the best option to prevent back pain due to their firmness and thickness. The memory foam has a “memory effect”, adapts to the body and offers a perfect lumbar support.

But the core, while it may be the most important thing, is not the only thing that matters like these ones. To find out which is the best mattress for your back, you also need to consider firmness, comfort, temperature control, and sleep posture.

Firmness: not too soft, not too hard

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You will find very firm, firm, soft or ergonomic mattresses. There is not yet one type of mattress ideal for everyone. The degree of firmness depends directly on the person, their size and weight. Therefore, a good mattress must be homogeneous to maintain the support of the whole body without having sags or gaps. The most advisable thing is a rather firm mattress but not hard. So you can always adapt it by adding a mattress topper that makes it more fluffy. Otherwise, with a soft mattress, it will always stay soft.

But it must also be flexible to adapt to the curves of our spine, keep it straight and aligned at the same time so as not to avoid strange postures and optimize the health of the back.

The body works too hard on a very soft mattress. Specifically, the spine loses its correct alignment, as the shoulders and pelvis sink into the mattress. This can cause us neck pain, migraines, stiff neck and musculoskeletal pain in the morning when we wake up. But don’t believe it. Because this also happens with very firm mattresses because they do not fit well to the spine and the body. So if you are one of those who move a lot when sleeping and suffer from back pain, you will wake up during changes in sleep position whether the mattress is too hard or too soft.

Temperature control

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It is one of the parameters that we tend to ignore, however it is important since the mattress must allow adequate regulation of body temperature to ensure a restorative sleep. Because if we get too hot, we sweat and sleep badly, so the back pain threshold is modified. It also happens if we are cold.

Sleep posture

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If you sleep on your back, you should choose a rather firm mattress to support your back, but if you sleep on your side, the mattress you should choose is a firm mattress with padding to allow your shoulder to sink enough for a correct posture.

And just like you are thinking about which is the best mattress for your back, you will also be thinking about which is the best pillow. Because yes, pillows also intervene in the rest and support of the back, especially in the neck, shoulder and cervical area. As with the mattress, the pillow must also meet certain characteristics so that it is optimal for our neck and back. You should choose a pillow that is not too thick, because if we rest our head on it, it will twist the neck forward, hitting the chin almost with the chest. The head should be elevated while we sleep, but in a straight line with the vertebral commune, so a too thin pillow or sleeping without it is not beneficial either.

The head should be elevated while we sleep, but in a straight line with the vertebral commune.

So, as with the best back mattress, the best back pillow is the memory foam core pillow, as they adapt perfectly to the curvature of your neck and allow great adaptability. In addition, many of them have anti-mite treatments and are hypoallergenic, an extra for your rest and health.

Now that we have done a review of all the variables that must be taken into account to know which is the best mattress for the back, you are ready to buy a good mattress. Remember that with a new mattress, the muscles relax more and, consequently, when the sleep is more superficial during the second part of the night, we wake up less. Whereas with a poor quality mattress we tend to wake up more and we are more sensitive to having our back swell and resulting in back pain the next day.