8 Things You Should Look For When Buying Your First Electric Bike

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E-bikes have become incredibly trendy in the last few years. They’re a secure, fast, and eco-friendly way of getting around the city, which in turn makes them one of the most sustainable transportation choices available on the market.

If you’ve been thinking about getting one for yourself and your loved ones, well, that’s an excellent idea! Still, there are a couple of things you should consider before making the final purchase.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the topic in detail to help you make the optimal decision and have an excellent first-time experience with your e-bike, so keep on reading to learn a bit more!

1. What are YOUR expectations?

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Before anything else, make sure to consider your specific needs and preferences surrounding your new electric bike. Are you going to use it for your daily commute? What kind of terrain will you drive it on?

How much mileage do you really need? What about battery life? How often will you use your bike? Do you have any preferences when it comes to the design? Where will you store it? Do you prefer it to be bulky or lightweight? How about your budget?

The answers to these and other similar questions are the key to finding a suitable e-bike model for your needs. Your expectations and requirements are what matters the most, so start from there. Make a list of the wanted features and see where it takes you during your search!

2. Range, range, and range

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The bike’s range is probably the most important spec you’ll need to consider while browsing for the optimal e-bike model. You wouldn’t want your bike to run out of battery in the middle of the road somewhere, right?

It would beat the entire purpose of having it! That’s why checking its range is of the utmost importance. It should be enough to cover your usual commute (consider it the bare minimum).

If you’re not sure how much range you’ll truly need, seek assistance from your suppliers until you’ve found something that works for you. Make it your primary concern!

3. Try it before you buy it

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Electronic bikes (and bikes in general) should always be test-driven before the purchase. We all have our unique preferences, so different models will work for different people. You can’t possibly learn what works for you if you don’t try riding the bike before you bring it home.

Electronic bikes aren’t very cheap, so comfort and stability should be expected at the very least. We suggest you try out different models and features until you’ve found something that lines up with your specific needs.

If you still choose to order your e-bike online, we suggest you take a look at their return policies, just to be sure. Again, trying it out before you decide to purchase is the best way you ensure all your e-biking needs are met, so always go for it when it’s possible to do so.

4. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your bike

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E-bikes are expensive; there’s no way to deny that. However, there’s no reason to spend your entire savings just to buy one! Today, there’s such a wide range of models available that you’ll undoubtedly find something that fits your budget perfectly.

Of course, make sure you don’t automatically pick the cheapest model you can find. E-bikes are expensive for a reason. If you aren’t able to ride it for as long as you need to, or if it’s overly unstable and often malfunctions, you’ve ended up with a useless piece of equipment (and a giant waste of money).

5. Always check for warranties

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Again, electronic bikes aren’t exactly cheap. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on one, only to have it malfunction after a few months of use. The only way to avoid this is by checking for warranties before you make your purchase.

We suggest you pick your suppliers carefully: if they can’t offer reasonable warranties for their products-it’s time to ditch them. Reliable suppliers should work with famous and acclaimed brands and their representatives should be ready to assist you with your purchase.

Some sellers such as Scooteretti for example, offer free consultations to help you make the most optimal choice. So, take advantage of these types of opportunities and work with experts to ensure your bike comes with a proper warranty before you purchase it.

6. They can help you stay fit if they’re adjustable enough

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Just because they’re motor-powered doesn’t mean your muscles get to slack off! You’ll still have to peddle to keep it going, but you’ll have more control over the intensity of your ride. So, yes, they’re a great option if you still want to be healthy and active but regular bikes or just seem like too much work for nothing.

Besides, if you really want to take things up a notch, you can try pedaling without the electrical assist. It wouldn’t be easy as it would require loads of strength and effort (these bikes can be quite heavy), but it’s still an option if that’s what you want to do!

7. If you’re buying it online, ask where to look for adequate repair shops

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All e-bike models are different, so not every repair shop in your local area can assist you when it comes to servicing. If you’re not buying your bike locally, make sure to ask your supplier where to take it for potential repairs and servicing, especially when it comes to its battery and motor.

Most local shops have experts ready to help you with potential malfunctions, but if they’re not selling the model you have (and therefore never fixed a bike like yours before), they would probably avoid messing with its battery and motor.

So, make sure you find an adequate repair shop before you place your order! It can save you from many headaches later on and it only takes a minute to ask.

8. Stylishness and fun aren’t unimportant either

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E-bikes are both trendy and fun: that’s why everyone loves them! They eliminate the uphill “struggle” that comes with regular bikes, and they’re extremely fashionable these days. So, get your own today and turn your daily commute into a proper adventure!