Things to Have in Mind When Buying Interior Doors – 2024 Guide


Remodeling and changing the interior of your house is a challenging task. We know that doing that can sometimes cost us a lot. However, you must not underestimate the importance of interior design for your life.

Working hard every day does not allow us to spend a lot of time at home. Yet, even if you spend only five hours at home, those five hours are your moment of silence. The atmosphere inside your house needs to be relaxing and calming.

We do not want to say that you should remodel the entire home at once. Changing things one by one is the best possible way to reach that goal. Because of that, you should start from the very beginning. More precisely, people should change their interior doors.

The interior doors are not something we change too often. In most homes, they are old, and their look is not fresh at all. Logically, that can negatively influence the overall look of our interior as well as our mental strength.

There are many online shops where you can purchase interior doors. Despite that, if you don’t know how to decide on the particular door model, we recommend you check Brico-Valera. That is the place where you can find more information about different models and designs. Yet, we would also want to make some sort of guideline. In this article, we will talk about things to have in mind when buying interior doors. To make your purchasing process easier, let’s find them out together.

Size of the Door


Many people forget to check all the measurements associated with interior doors. However, that is the first thing you need to think about when replacing or installing an interior door. The entire task is not difficult at all. Let’s imagine that you purchase the same style of the door like the one that you had before. In that case, you only need to buy doors of the same size. We are sure that something like that is not going to be a difficult task for homeowners.

There are different sizes of interior doors that you can find online. The standard width for this type of door is 24, 28, 30, 32, and 36 inches. When we talk about height, it is not going to be more than 80 inches.

Different Types of the Door


When we talk about types of interior doors, your options are limited. Believe it or not, there are only two types that you can choose between. Those two types are slab and pre-hung doors. We are sure that our readers would want to know the basic difference between these two subcategories.

We can shortly describe slab doors as the basic ones. These doors are the ones that you can see in most of the homes around the world. They come without a frame, handle set, and hinges. In most cases, these doors won’t be finished when you purchase them. That means that homeowners will have to take care of the staining and painting process. Of course, most professional suppliers will take care of these two processes before they sell it to you.

On the other hand, the pre-hung doors are those that come with hinges and frames. When a person purchases them, they will already be ready for installation.

We are not going to say which of these two types is better. Each individual on this planet has different tastes. However, we do not need to add one additional piece of advice associated with the size. Measuring the size of the slab door is a bit different. There are three factors that you need to put into consideration – thickness, height, and width. On the other hand, pre-hung doors require a different type of measuring. Despite the height and width o the slab, you also need to measure the rough opening. To make things clear, it is a space between the studs. Additionally, measuring the thickness of the jamb is equally important. We recommend you write down these instructions somewhere before reaching the final decision.

You Need to Determine the Door Swing


Door Swing or handing is essential for door hardware and placement. Determining the door swing is possible in only one way. Before everything, the homeowners should stand on the side where they would enter the room. The location of the hinges will tell you the full story in that way. If they are on the left side, that means that you have a left-handed door. On the other hand, if they are on the right side, your door is the right-handed type. We recommend you choose the type that will match your needs more.

Different Styles of the Door Exist


As we said, there are two types of the door, and your options are limited in that case. However, when we talk about styles, a wide range of options is available to you. We will highlight a couple of styles that may look interesting to you.

Pocket Interior Door

A pocket door is a sliding type of door. Whenever a person opens it, it hides from the view of a person. There are two types of pocket interior doors that you can use. You can use single or double doors. Logically, the selection of one type depends on the entry width.

French Interior Door

You have probably seen doors that come with multiple lites through the length of the door. This style is known as a French door. They can be interesting to you because of their attractive design. Unfortunately, their biggest disadvantage is the lack of privacy. However, if elegance is essential to you, the lack of privacy is not going to be a big problem.

Sliding Interior Doors

Some suppliers like to name these doors bypass doors. They come with two sections that glide in both directions. Because of their structure and functionality, people usually use them for closets.



We are sure that our pieces of advice will help you find the perfect interior door. There is no need to rush. Purchasing an interior door is a long-term decision. As we said, people often do not purchase new doors too often. Take your time, research all the options you have, and you will easily reach the right decision.