Tips for Playing Against Every Valorant Agent – 2024 Guide


Valorant is a game that is a game that uses the agent you choose as the primary determining factor of who wins each gunfight. Here’s how you can get the best counter for every agent to help you get more kills and more wins.

The Valorant Agents

The agents you can choose from include: Breach, Cypher, Brimstone, Killjoy, Jett, Phoenix, Omen, Reyna, Raze, Sova, Sage, and Viper.

  • Breach is a power-based, high damage type that uses powerful kinetic shockwaves to travel through walls, floors, ceilings, etc.
  • Brimstone has high damage attacks similar to Breach, but his attacks are calling in orbital airstrikes using powerful grenades.
  • Cypher is all about gathering intel on the enemy team and will pinpoint enemy locations for himself and his team.
  • Jett is focused on speed and agility while maintaining accuracy.
  • Killjoy uses gadgets and inventions to deal with damage and debuff enemies.
  • Omen is a stealthy character that likes leaving their enemy in the dark while staying hidden before striking.
  • Phoenix is just the opposite, with bright flames and flashes used when he rushes the enemy.
  • Raze is similar to Brimstone, using high damage explosives and causing a lot of destruction.
  • Reyna uses her weapon skill and technique to effectively kill as a soldier would.
  • Sage creates calm areas for her team that is protected and heal them while debuffing the enemies and being a good support for her teammates.
  • Sova is all about accuracy and range, a precise and powerful sniper class.
  • And lastly, Viper who uses poison to debuff and weaken enemies.

How to Beat a Breach Player


Breach is a powerful agent but is only really useful at close range, so the best way to counter is with Sova or Brimstone. With Sova, you can attack from afar and stay out of the range of his main attacks, make sure you keep your distance. For Brimstone, you may want to get closer than with Sova but still keep your distance and call in an airstrike or another great damage explosive attack. If you are using a different agent, the best thing you can do is keep your distance and hit your shots.

How to Beat a Brimstone Player

Brimstone is similar to Breach but with a little less damage and a little more range. The best counter for Brimstone is to play as Sova, Sage, or Jett. With Sova, it’s the same as with Breach, you can keep a safe distance and still hit your shots. However, Sage is a great counter to Brimstone because Brimstone’s attacks are already somewhat difficult to aim, and Sage’s shields make it even harder. Using her healing ability can also negate most of the damage from Bromstone’s attacks and counter-attack with full health. Jett is also useful because of her speed, which can make Brimstone players have a hard time getting a good hit on you before you get the kill.

How to Beat a Cypher Player


While you mainly want to stay aware that an enemy Cypher will have your position and get ready, there is the Omen, which has stealth perks that negate Cypher’s specialties. While the Omen is really the only agent with a good counter to the Cypher, it’s best to stay alert and prepare for enemies to know your position.

How to Beat a Jett Player

There are plenty of agents with a good matchup against Jett like Breach, Reyna, Raze, Viper, and Phoenix, but no agent is an excellent counter to Jett without the player having some skill. While you can use just about any agent and win against a Jett player, you will need to be good with that agent and win the gunfight.

How to Beat a Killjoy Player


Killjoy has some emphasis on gun skill and accuracy like most Valorant agents, but her gadget abilities set her apart. To avoid the debuffs from these gadgets the best agents are Sage, Jett, Sova, and Omen because they all have evasive skills. That is something you want to keep in mind when battling a Killjoy (or Viper) is avoiding their debuffs.

How to Beat an Omen Player

While there isn’t a solid counter to an Omen player, but using any great damage, Valorant agent should give you an easy opportunity to defeat them after they surprise you.

How to Beat a Phoenix Player


Phoenix players are easy targets, but they are still a very viable class, so you need to have some advantage before taking on a Phoenix. The best classes to get this competitive edge are the Omen, Cypher, and Breach. The Omen can be used to stealthily get into an advantageous position a sneak attack an unexpecting Phoenix, but this can be risky. A more viable approach is the cypher, which can be used to track a Phoenix and set traps, which any Phoenix player will likely run into considering the amount of ground they tend to cover. For a more head-on approach, the Breach class can compete with the Phoenix on a level playing field and give you a good shot at winning.

How to Beat a Raze Player

Raze is a fairly simple agent but a well-rounded one at that. Using Sova to stay out of range can be useful, but a Raze player could quickly close the gap.  A Breach player could decimate a Raze player, but that’s if the Raze doesn’t take them out on their way in. The most effective way is with Reyna and Viper, who are both well-rounded characters as well. Reyna can be used to outgun and outmaneuver Raze, while Viper can efficiently deal with a poison debuff and get the upper hand.

How to Beat a Reyna Player


Reyna is the most well-rounded and capable agent out there, which means every other agent has a good chance against her, but no agent has a great one. The best way to defeat a Reyna player is to outplay them; however, using Viper to give a Reyna a poison debuff proves to be an effective strategy.

How to Beat a Sage Player

Sage’s are the poster child for support classes, health, and shields for their whole team, but not much fighting skill. You could use a high damage class to get through the support barriers and finally get the final blow, but you could use Omen. Omen can be used to sneak up on and take out a Sage before they have a chance to heal or puts up shields, making it the most viable for this case

How to Beat a Sova Player


Sova’s main advantage is their range, so getting closer to them is your most important asset. The best agents for doing this are the Omen, Jett, and Cypher. Omens can sneak up into a close-range fight, Jett players can evade the Sova’s shots and get close with their incredible speed. Cyphers can use their surveillance to avoid the Sova’s line of sight before engaging and controlling the area the Sova once did by placing traps.

How to Beat a Viper Player

Beating a Viper involves being a powerful and decent-ranged agent. The best Valorant agents that fit this role are Brimstone and Phoenix. These two agents can handle a poison debuff and may not have to if they can get their kills quickly enough from their respected ranges. Killjoy also has a good matchup against Viper, but they are equal to trade debuffs and hit their marks.



Whether rocking a hard-hitting main like the Brimstone or laying low with the Omen, these tips can help you get a better matchup against rival Valorant agents in your games. For more information on Valorant and other games, check out