The Benefits of Camping During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Lockdowns across the world have made people appreciate the importance of socializing and enjoying life. In short, the Coronavirus pandemic has taught people to enjoy what is available because you never know when things will change.

This has led to many people being eager to follow their dreams and explore parts of the word that they have never seen before. However, for many traveling outside the country is a dangerous option. Between different standards of healthcare and potential emergency lockdowns, the safer option is to stay at home.

But, many people are looking at caravan campers for sale at, there are several benefits to this form of camping during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Social Distancing

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In a world where staying away from other people is becoming normal, camping is beneficial. If you take the plane, train, or even a bus you’ll be sat in close proximity to others and will have to wear an uncomfortable mask in an attempt to keep your own health.

That’s not an issue when you’re camping. You’re in your own vehicle, comfortable, in charge of your destination, and without a mask. In other words, you can enjoy the journey!

Even better, you don’t need to go near other people unless you want to, that’s the best kind of social distancing you can do.


A big issue with any holiday accommodation is hygiene. It doesn’t matter what standards are put into place. Your health is dependent on the cleaners doing their job properly and disinfecting everything. The problem with renting a room is that there are so many surfaces that can be touched by multiple people, increasing the risk of infection being transmitted.

When camping you are in charge of the hygiene, you specify the washing of hands and sanitizing, and, most importantly, you know no one else has been in your holiday home.

Your camper really is a palace of solitude.

Alongside this, you also need to consider the cutlery and dinnerware you are using. Staying in someone else’s property means you need to wash everything before you use it. If you don’t you can’t be sure what you may catch. But, if you are camping you have your own utensils and can be confident that they are clean and safe to use.

Even restaurants are using disposable cutlery now to reduce risk, that simply shows how much safer it is to prepare your own food with your own utensils.

Open Air

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Research suggests that CPVID-19 doesn’t survive or transmit well in the open air. The beauty of going camping is that you spend nearly all your time in the open air. Your camper is your space and safe, the moment you leave it you’re in the open air and only need to go inside if you want something from a shop or other establishment.

That’s a great way of reducing the risk and keeping you and your family safe.


When you book a hotel or apartment you can never be sure what you are going to get. Of course, you’re hoping for a luxury space with a comfortable bed but there is no guarantee. That’s not an issue when you go camping. You have your own bed, you know what it’s like and you can relax, safe and secure, every night.

That’s not just a benefit during the virus, it’s a benefit in general.

Own Schedule

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What is better than setting your own schedule. Of course, you’ll have a plan, a suggested route. But, if you find something you like the look of or you discover a new outbreak of the virus, you can quickly head away in your own direction.

Being in charge of your own schedule also makes the trip more relaxing, there are no pressures to be at a certain place at a certain time. You effectively stop living by the clock and become more at one with nature.  It’s an experience that everyone should try at least once in their life.


The entire experience will be far more relaxing than queuing for a plane, having to go through the relevant security and hygiene measures, including removing half your clothing, and then sitting around for long periods of time hoping that your plane is still flying and is on time.

The volatility of the global economy means that you can’t be certain you’re going to reach your destination until you are actually there.

You don’t have to worry about lost luggage or how many people have handled it, and you know you’ll have a seat in your camper. Even a pre-booked plane seat can be bumped.


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What may surprise you the most about camping is that the slower pace allows you to take in more of what is around you. This is how you find treasures that are normally hidden.

The pandemic has increased this advantage as people seek to stay away from others. That means you can take the old dirt lane to see where it goes, after all, you want to be by yourself in the middle of nowhere, don’t you?

That’s the real beauty of camping, you can be miles away from everyone or you can be on the same campsite, feeling connected to others while observing social distancing and protecting yourself and your family.

Camping Is the Solution

The bottom line is if you want to get away from your own home for a while camping is the safest solution.  You will need to pay attention to all social distancing rules and be considerate towards others you meet. But, camping gives you a change of scenery and also ensures that you’ll be able to make it home if another lockdown is required.

That’s a considerable amount of stress and potential cost that you don’t need to worry about.

It is worth noting that while you can drive across the country in a camper van, the best advice during the pandemic is to stay relatively close to home. You’ll be surprised what you can discover down the road that you never knew was there.