Can Love Handle Everything?


What is love? Each person seems to have a personalized definition of what it feels like and how it works. Who hasn’t seen a romantic movie in their life? No one is born knowing and everybody learns from the examples they see around them, whether they are real or fictional.

Parents’ stories, friends’ past relationships, experiences with Skokka’s escorts, series… You can even see hundreds of reality shows on TV where potential couples start to get to know each other to see if that spark arises. Thanks to new technologies and social networks these examples have been maximized.

There is an infinite amount of information available on this subject. That is why many times the human being feels overwhelmed. There is not just a single type of love. The so-called romantic, in particular, is that which fills the belly of imaginary butterflies, unexpected, illogical and unstable. It is capable of enhancing every feeling, both good and bad.

How to find it?


As of today, everyone seems to be looking for it eagerly and desperately through any means. Social networks, forums, special apps. Anything goes. It’s become something worthy of strategists. A like here, a comment there. All designed to send a signal to the other person that you are interested in case there is a response and it is reciprocated. As well as being on the lookout for signals from another person.

But it hasn’t always been like that before this was unthinkable and more people were getting to know each other because they were friends of friends and went out for a drink. Although it does not mean that one is better or worse than the other, they are simply new forms that evolve and take advantage of new inventions and innovations. The important thing when it comes to finding that special person, with whom to live that which they call love, is to be open to meeting more people and to leave aside the shame.

But above all, not to get stressed out or overwhelmed by not finding what is expected. Or what you should because of age, beliefs or social pressure. Because love comes when you least expect it, and if what you need is to let off steam in company you can always contact one of the escorts in Manchester. Because nowadays there are so many opportunities and ways to meet new people that it seems that whoever is single is “because they want to be”. But considering the size of the world’s population, despite having so many opportunities, sometimes it is also a matter of luck that the pieces fit together the way you want them to.

Types of love


In the same way relationships and types of love have also evolved and are no longer the same as they were years ago. The liberalization and development of some movements such as the LGBTQ+ or Feminism have helped this. That is why before starting to look for that platonic love and life partner one must know oneself and discover what type of love and relationships are most akin to oneself.

Some of the most common ones, for example, are the following:

  • Romantic and passionate love: in the style of Romeo and Juliet. An emotional and physical connection. The usual one, which they try to recreate in romantic comedies.
  • Free love: A type of feeling that does not believe in relationships, marriage or the traditional. But in letting yourself go untethered to anyone.
  • Playful love: Similar to an open relationship. When there are no commitments in spite of continuing a relationship with a person being able to have sex more freely.
  • Blind love: When in a relationship you idealize the other person and everything they do, say and are becomes perfect.
  • Idyllic love: Is everything that is very unlikely to become reality. Examples are those played by celebrities or public figures who are not even known personally.
  • Possessive love: A type of dependent love in which a person feels that his or her partner is his or her own. This is why they become controlling, jealous and dominant. Always aware of what their significant other says or does.
  • Sporadic love: It is all that does not last long, that arrives, wraps everything up and if it is not taken care of or paid attention to, leaves, soon after.
  • Polyamory: Believes in being able to maintain an intimate and physical relationship with more than one person simultaneously. All with the consent and knowledge of all members.

There are many different ones, some good, some bad, and you can even feel several types at once. But in the end, before any of them, the most important one is self-esteem. Because if you don’t appreciate yourself, how can you expect other people to? Projecting that security and confidence to leave the complexes aside as the call girls and escorts in Cork do every day is the real first step to finding love.

Because love, when found, can be a feeling so great that it cannot be controlled. It evolves unexpectedly influenced by a lot of things and that in turn does not leave anything indifferent. It affects all levels of life. Therefore, and as advice, it is always preferable to try not to lose sight of reality and not to let it evolve into something toxic, blind and even controlling.

Because all people in love should be at the same level and give and receive in the same degree without losing anyone their essence and that which makes them unique. The difficult thing is to find the balance, that consensus that coincides with what each person is looking for. But in the meantime, until it is found, it grows with the experiences of the journey. Although this does not mean that there is no fun involved.

Respect, connection, desire, communication, being able to be yourself, sharing experiences, growing… Discovering what you want and being willing to find it, enjoy it and live it. Despite the “stumbles” you may have along the way, which only help you to know better what you most want but more importantly what you don’t want. So it is important to keep an open attitude to opportunities and let yourself go.