Careers in the Future – How to Prepare Yourself

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As technology is evolving and developing, so are developing job descriptions and demands. The future has arrived and the need for certain professions has arisen just the need for some has ceased to exist. It is of the vital importance for an individual to know how to prepare himself/herself for the jobs of the future since many jobs have now been successfully done by bots and various intelligent assistants.


There have been various research papers on the neediness of certain jobs and how some of them would simply become obsolete. The first one was done by Forrester and it came to the conclusion that 6% of the current jobs will not be needed by the time we reach 2024. The second one was done by US Federal Report, and the number is even bigger. Namely, it is expected that 47% of the jobs will not be needed in next twenty years.

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There is not any need to be worried since this has happened always during the human history, and it would happen again. Namely, as the humanity progresses, the professions and the need for certain jobs changes. This does not mean that many people will have their careers ended, but that they should get ready for the new ones. It is important for every person to follow trends, to know what is happening and what the future brings. Only in this way an individual will know what to do regarding his/her profession.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern jobs and companies are relying on AI more as the time passes. What is AI, well, to put it simply, it is artificial intelligence and bots are usually used for the performance of certain tasks and duties. These bots are made in such a way that they understand commands and how to perform them. Not only, this, they will know to do this again without any further programming. The most common example is the bot that serves food to you. That bot then memorizes your food preferences and will automatically offer those when it approaches you. The travel bot will, naturally, offer you same trips and journeys that are based on the ones you already undertook in the past. So, as you may have guessed, these bots use memory and experience as their way of functioning, which is not different from the way a human brain works – on the bases of impulses created on the basis of experience.

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What should be done? First of all, you need to think about the jobs that are replaceable by AI and bots and try not to pursue those career paths but chose the one that has a perspective in the future. How? The most important thing is to follow trends and news, to know what is happening in the world around you. Imagination is the main tool here since it would solve many of the problems you may come across. It may even happen that you will be the first one to start doing something new in the future.