Top 10 – Worst Operating Systems Ever

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It must have happened to you that you are trying to do something and you are thinking that the operating system you are using it is simply slow and not good. Well, we will now present the ten worst OS of all times.   

10. OS/360 

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This one was launched in 1964. Where to start with this one… First of all, it was very expensive, with insufficient memory and it was extremely slow in performing tasks. Furthermore, its own designer and creator regretted making it.  

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9. ITS (Incompatible Timesharing System)

Released in the late 1960s, this one was peculiar since it had a directory for each and every file that was made on it. Furthermore, the security it has was, well, non-existent. The significance of this one lies in the fact that it served as the ground point for many others that came.  

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8. GNU Hurd 

This one became operational in 1983 and it has not been still finished, and that is its main flaw. It is true, however, that Linux relies on its kernel 

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7. Windows 1.01 

This is the first try of Microsoft, in 1985, to get into this market, and it was a bad one. It did not function properly, and, above all, there were not any application at that time that it would use. It was hundreds of miles behind it a competitor at that time – Mac OS.  

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6. MS-DOS 4.0 

The flaw with this one, which was released in 1988, was it’s operating. Namely, programs used to break very often so no actions could be finished without interruptions.  

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5. SCO Open Desktop 

Launched in 1989, it was a Unix that uses 32-bits for the first time along with the graphical interface. However, it happened more often that some programs, especially editors, would freeze during the performance of operations.  

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4. JavaOS 

Launched in 1996, it was very slow and afterward, it went to work in the embedded systems. This one was forgotten and put into history in 2006.  

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3. Windows Me (Millennium Edition) 

Launched in 2000, it is considered to be one of the worst operating systems that Microsoft has ever made. There two versions: one with 16 and the other with 32 bits. Some of the phrases that describe it are: being slow, with zero security and its stability was next to none.  

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2.  Lindows / Linux XP Desktop 

This one was operational from 2001 to 2006 and it was the cooperation of Linux and Windows. The main problem with this one was the fact that numerous Windows programs were unable to work there.  

1. Windows Vista 

Launched in 2006, it is yet another Windows’ bad decision. It is very slow, there are numerous hardware and software incompatibilities and it was very expensive at that time.  


These are the ten worst operating systems that we have chosen. Most of them have the same flaws: they cost too much at that time but offered almost nothing since they were mainly slow.