5 Ways Phone Tracking Apps Help Keep Your Kids Safe in 2024

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Numerous threats and dangers lurk online for children. If you are a parent, it is recommended that you at least in some way monitor and track how and for what they use smartphones. Here are 5 apps to help you do just that.

Dangers Lurking From The Internet

The Internet can be a dangerous place for us adults with a variety of hackers and predators rushing not only into our bank accounts or computers but also into physical lives. When we are aware of how dangerous this can be for us, imagine how many threats can be to our children who are not even aware of all the potential dangers and what can be hidden behind a simple click in an application.

Children And Mobile Phones

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When it comes to children who got their first cell phone and are just exposing themselves to all the good, but also the bad, that the internet can bring – many parents will want to have a certain level of control over what children do on their phones or where they are at all. It is mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets, such as watches, that are the first devices through which our children come into contact with the digital world, unlike computers, which were our window to the Internet.

Control Of Children And Their Use Of Mobile Phones

Various software solutions will allow you to limit the time that children can spend on a mobile device, but also to monitor what is used and where, and to block access to certain applications or games. The vast majority of these tools are available for Android and iOS devices, and they often have their web versions with control interfaces to make it easier to set up some options, and what you have to count on is a subscription or a one-time payment.

How Do Tracking Apps Help Parents Control?

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The main way in which such applications help parents are in managing Internet content, that is, blocking or removing what is not appropriate. Some solutions have their browsers or modify Chrome. Often their work is based on filters that you can adjust to what you think is appropriate for the age of the child, and an important item is the control of social networks. The most extreme solution is a simple network block, but there is also call control in applications or blocking of some contacts. Here are five ways phone tracking apps can help you keep your kids safe.

1. Tracking Invitations, Messages, And Content That Children Watch

Some apps are great for tracking your children’s activities. This primarily refers to suspicious calls that children can answer – as well as the contents of the messages they receive. You can also have an insight into the content that your children follow online.

According to spyphone.com – such an application can also be used to create data backups from your phone. You can also track if your phone has been stolen. You will be able to view all entries remotely, just by accessing the site.

2. Time Limitation For Certain Activities

Some applications provide a whole range of controls for different activities on mobile phones. When using a mobile phone, as in other situations, children often forget and play, and do not know how to respect the restrictions. With the help of apps, you can determine when it’s time to sleep or learn and play – or simply limit the time a child is allowed to spend on the phone. You can also set a specific zone within which the phone may be, so you will know if the child leaves the street, and there is location tracking.

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3. Control Of Children And Their Use Of Games And Other Services

Some apps want to be and act like a simple control center. Therefore, they look similar to various activity tracking tools – like Google Analytics. Usually, in a simple interface, you have all the activities for connected devices – and you can immediately see how much time your child has spent on which service. From the same place, you can also change limits for applications or games, track messages, and filter disputed pages.

4. Page Filtering, And Blocking Adult Sites

Many of these solutions are available for several platforms. Their price usually depends on the number of devices that will be using it. Such applications offer you detailed page filtering, blocking the content of adult sites – but often also time management of different profiles. Parents can also get notifications about the disputed mail.

5. Gradually Enable Certain Options

Companies like ESET can also boast of such advanced options. Namely, this company known for its antivirus tools has a solution that relies on changes with the child’s age – so you can include some options and pages over time. There is also an option that asks the child to reply to the message before continuing to use the phone. Your toddlers can request additional usage time through this tool.

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You Can Do A Lot On Your Own Without Apps

These are just some of the apps that focus on similar things to make sure your child is safe in the digital world, but there’s a lot you can do yourself before you give your child a phone. You have to judge for yourself when is the right age for your child to get their first phone call. Is it a first grade, or maybe third? Ultimately, it is up to you to assess whether the child is mature enough to use the phone for more than games and YouTube. The settings of the phones themselves already allow you to set certain restrictions when using applications. Google, on the other hand, has its solution for controlling connected devices, but Family Link, like many other Google applications, is only available in certain markets – such as the USA, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia. However, probably the most important thing is talking to the kids, about why they want the phone and how they plan to use it.