Star Vapers: The Most Famous Celebs That Switched to Vaping – 2024 Guide


If they haven’t already, it’s about time everybody noticed that vaping is the most useful method to stop smoking. If there’s one thing that helps raise awareness, it’s a celebrity endorsement. Here’s a list of the biggest celebrities who made the jump away from smoking.

1. Tom Hardy


You heard it correctly – the toughest man in Hollywood is giving cigarettes the boot. Tom Hardy is often seen with a vape in hand during interview breaks and at film premieres all around the world. If you’re undecided about whether vaping can truly help you stop smoking, have an argument with Tom Hardy – we’ll be far away! We’ve even heard a rumor that Hardy’s favorite flavor is T-Juice’s very own Red Astaire (good taste Tom!).

2. Lindsay Lohan

If there’s a Hollywood celebrity with a ‘party girl’ reputation, it’s LiLo herself. Determined to put that life behind her, Lohan has begun to make the step away from cigarettes. In fact, this A-list celeb was one of the first to be spotted with a vaping device!

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

The torch-bearer for vapers everywhere, Leonardo Dicaprio is far and away one of the most famous actors in the world. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2016, DiCaprio caused a bit of a stir when he whipped out his vaping pen. Four years later, it may have finally been given the recognition it deserves, with a little help from Leo of course.

4. Jack Nicholson


The cigar-smoking actor, Jack Nicholson, has played some of the most popular characters in show business. Who would’ve thought Jack would ditch the tobacco? The Oscar-winning actor never makes it into a film premiere without taking his dependable vape.

5. Richard Hammond

With a mind for progressive, powerful machinery, it’s no wonder Richard Hammond is regularly seen with a thick vaping set up at his disposal. Fellow petrolhead and best friend Jeremy Clarkson infamously smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, proving that it can keep you off tobacco even when you’re surrounded. It seems as though Hammond has left Clarkson and May in the dust when it comes to smoking – keep up boys!

6. Gary Oldman

One of our favorite actors of all time seems to have stumbled across one of our favorite hobbies of all time! Gary Oldman, famous for his incredible roles in Batman and Harry Potter, has now become a proud vaper! We know it wouldn’t take long for Oldman to make it to the good side.

7. Paris Hilton


L.A. socialite Paris Hilton broke the ground for reality tv shows in the early noughties. Whether you’re a fan of hers or not, her decision to stop smoking and take up vaping wasn’t nearly as controversial as the rest of her life.

8. Zayn Malik

One Direction heartthrob and pop extraordinaire Zayn Malik is the first member of the supergroup to ditch the cigarettes. The Bradford boy has taken the lead when it comes to pop stars vaping and we’ve got to say, it can only do good for his voice!

9. Samuel L. Jackson

Seventy years old and still going strong, sometimes it feels like Samuel L. Jackson is in every movie out there. Fortunately, Jackson has made the healthy decision to move away from cigarettes and join the vaping community. He’s not shy about it either! The man famous for his Tarantino movies wears his title loud and proud with regular posts to his twitter page.

10. Ben Affleck


When one of the coolest men in Hollywood ditches the cigarettes and openly makes a move to vaping, you know it’s the right decision. Ben Affleck has been seen multiple times driving around the sunny Californian hills with vape pen firmly in hand.

11. Willie Nelson

The Texan singer songwriter Willie Nelson is the epitome of cool. In his mid-80s, Nelson made the move to vaping and we’re sure he hasn’t regretted it since. The guitarist has been since using a classy Vapir NO2 Vaporizer, and we have to say he has some great taste. At Willie’s age, it really shows that it’s never too late to quit smoking!

12. Kylie Jenner

As some of the most followed people on Instagram, the Kardashians are up there with the most famous families in show business. In some now deleted Snapchats, Kylie was seen enjoying some of her favorite vape! We’ll give the Kardashians some bonus points for that one.

13. Katherine Heigl


When Katherine Heigl walked onto the David Letterman show with her trusty e-cigarette, the public opinion on vaping would change forever. Even convincing Letterman himself to have a try, Katherine helped make vaping more socially acceptable. Later on in the show she commented on how helpful it was when quitting tobacco.

14. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is perhaps one of the most famous faces in American pop music. With the connotations that cigarettes have as a ‘cool’ thing to smoke, it marks a large shift when famous musicians choose to ditch the tobacco. The Uptown Funk singer has adopted vaping as his replacement. In fact, Mars loves it so much that he’s even invested in a vaping manufacturer!

15. Ronnie Wood

Does it get cooler than being a member of one of the biggest rock bands in the history of music? Well, that’s Ronnie Wood’s life for you. Ronnie is the latest in a series of rock stars to have been seen publicly vaping. Hopefully he gets the message across to Mick and Keith soon!

16. Simon Cowell


That’s right – Simon Cowell, the harshest judge in the world, is sending vaping through to the next round. The X-Factor judge is no stranger to voicing his opinions, and it seems like it’s got the seal of approval now that Simon was seen out and about in Beverly Hills with an e-cigarette in hand.

17. Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung, the Queen of modern fashion, hasn’t been shy about sharing her vaping lifestyle. Always at the forefront of cool, Alexa ditched the cigarettes and made the switch a few years back. Looking at her Instagram, she seems very happy with that decision!

With plenty of false information and incorrect statistics still circulating around discussions about e-cigarettes, celebrities unafraid to show their love for vaping are essential now more than ever. As stars like Samuel L. Jackson and Willie Nelson have shown, it’s never too late to quit smoking. Celebrities can hold a lot of power when it comes to public opinion and if that means people make the switch away from cigarettes, we’ll be very happy.