What is CBD Oil and How Do I Consume It – 2024 Guide

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What’s the first thing you think of when someone says ‘cannabidiol’? For most people, ‘CBD oil’ is one of the first things that pops into their heads. It’s the big hitter of the industry and, when you think about it, that makes complete sense. It’s simple, accessible and incredibly varied, enhancing all those exciting terpenes. If you’re not involved already, here’s a rundown of what it is and how to take it.

CBD oil is one of the world’s most effective natural materials for both medication and recreation. Without the psychosis-inducing and hallucinatory effects of THC, CBD oil lacks the ‘high’ that comes with illegal cannabis substances. For thousands of years, all the way back to Ancient China, CBD oil has been used as a treatment for pain relief. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety or suffering from a lack of focus in your work, it can hold many different properties that can directly improve your mental wellbeing.

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The main element in cannabidiol that many people enjoy most is terpenes. These structures are abundant in the majority of biological systems, from orange peels to trees. They give these organisms their aromatic scents and hold antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that directly help physical and mental health. Terpenes pop up in CBD and supply the oil with a satisfying flavor and aroma, not to mention many health benefits. CBD oil also comes in a wide choice of dosages all the way up to a powerful 1000mg strength (obviously, we’d recommend starting much lower). This all sounds well and good, but the question is – how do you consume it?

The reason most people consume cannabidiol through uncut oil is to enhance it’s power and take in the terpenes more effectively. We would recommend using your pipette to drop between 5 and 12 drops just below your tongue and leave it there for around 3 of 4 minutes just before you swallow. Depending on your preferences, it’s best to do this a few times every day to really feel the effects.

That’s not the only way to consume your CBD effectively though. If you’re used to vaping, adding CBD oil e-liquid to your vaporizer can provide you with an extra satisfying feeling. This is an easy way to consume, especially if you’ve already made it part of your daily routine. According to DiamondCBD, E-liquids are also incredibly quick to absorb and you can feel the effects almost immediately after inhaling.

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Another great way of consuming CBD oil is through food. You don’t have to be the next Gordan Ramsay to get this right. If you’re a dedicated foodie, a browse through the internet will throw up some absolutely sumptuous recipes. One of our favorites is pasta sauce (pesto especially) – a warm, comforting pasta meal after a long day at work is sometimes just what you’re looking for.

If you’ve got a sweeter tooth, why not try some cookies instead? Simple to make and easy to apply – all you need to do is mix some CBD oil into your cookie dough and you’re set. Finally, if you’re a fitness enthusiast, smoothies might be more your cup of tea. Mixing some of your favorite CBD oil into those revitalizing fruit mixes can add an extra twist to your flavors.

What if you’re looking to use CBD oil in some other ways? As mentioned before, CBD oil is fantastic for your skin with its powerful antioxidant and hydration properties. Whether you’re suffering from acne or generally irritated skin, it can seriously help with pain relief and encourage the growth of skin cells. Many people are finally starting to wake up to the undeniable fact that the health benefits are tremendous.

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As opposed to other skincare products pumped full of harmful chemicals that leave lasting side effects, CBD oil is entirely natural and organic. If you’ve been affected by the mental tool of skin conditions, it may just be your saving grace. So if you haven’t yet tried it, why not get ahead of the game? We’d suggest incorporating applying CBD oil to your skin daily – not only will this stop skin conditions from forming, but your skin will be glowing like there’s no tomorrow.

Finding the right type of CBD oil for you will also take some experimentation. Many oils have varied effects and hold different levels of strength. For instance, HighKind has three specific ranges of CBD oil to help those looking for a specific experience. These include Energise, Focus and Tranquil. Each of these oils do just what they say on the bottle and can drastically change your mood in the best ways possible. Whether you need a big boost in productivity or you’re having trouble settling down at the end of the day, all your bases are covered.

Like many things, getting into the habit of consuming your CBD oil consistently can really help you experience those amazing effects. After you’ve found the perfect blend for you, you’ve got to mold it into your daily routine. Our advice is to involve the process of taking it with another of your standard daily routines. Why not try some after you’ve finished brushing your teeth? You could even incorporate CBD oil into your meals. Finding that balance and sticking with it is really important if you’re looking to make the most of the full experience.

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Never forget – safety is important. As mentioned previously, we strongly recommend using a brand such as HighKind. Companies like this are committed to lab-tested methods and have only the highest standards. Their cannabidiol is always uncut and full-spectrum – words to look out for when it comes to purchasing the right product.

If you’re curious about cannabidiol and the experiences that come with it, we really recommend giving cannabidiol a try. Your mental health and wellbeing will improve drastically if you get your routine right. It’s easy, accessible and incredibly enjoyable to consume via orally, so get out there and have a taste of what you’re missing!