How To Check The Quality Of A Dinnerware

High-quality dinnerware enhances the feasting experience by giving an aesthetic edge to the meals and the dining area. People prefer to have different types of dishware for separate occasions: weddings, birthdays, casual luncheons, and corporate parties. While it is essential to have plates that look beautiful and blend in with the room interior, it is equally important to focus on other guiding pointers to make an informed choice of dinnerware.

How To Choose The Best Dinnerware?

Choosing dishware can be difficult, especially for those buying it for the first time and having no clue or experience on how to check the product’s suitability for their house. The following guide can help decide the same:

Material Used

The quality of the material used in a dish set determines the product’s durability and convenience for the user. The user convenience gets decided on the product’s weight, dimensions, and fragility. There are mainly four different types of material:

Bone China: Real animal bone ash (30-45%) is used in creating Bone-China utensils, giving them a sleek and smooth look. It is almost similar to fine China, which is famous globally. The only difference is the use of natural animal ash in the former, which adds to the additional labor effort and, thereby, a high cost.

Porcelain: Crockery sets for microwaving use porcelain widely due to their durability and non-porosity. They have a high versatility and firing temperature, making them suitable for ovens and dishwashers.

Melamine: Melamine produces light-weighing crockery that is unbreakable and durable, perfect for outdoor events or households with many kids.

Stoneware And Earthenware: These are one of the earliest materials used for creating tableware. They are heavy, casual, and need protection from extreme temperatures.

People must visit an experienced wholesale dinnerware supplier who can supply a wide range of products and give an idea of the suitable material according to occasional requirements.

Occasion And Space

The guests of a high-profile party will not enjoy their meals on earthenware plates, while one cannot trust the kids to handle expensive bone china with care. Clarity about the occasion improves the accuracy of material recommendation.

Space is often neglected but is a crucial factor when buying dinnerware. The dining area furniture determines the crockery size that will be perfect for the dining table. Assessment of storage space is essential beforehand to get a better estimate of the number of pieces in a dinner set that can be easily stored in the house.


After careful consideration of material quality and space, design needs attention. Usually, minimalistic designs in ivory color or any light color from the pastel color palette give the tableware a classy and contemporary feel. Experimentation with colors adds a dash of fun to the dinner table for informal or everyday meals.

Some quality checks are essential to ensure the durability and suitability of the dinnerware. People can use the following tips to check and make an informed choice:

  • Check Porosity/Water Seepage

The utensil should be kept undisturbed with water to check on leakages. It is an effective way to check if the material has cracks that might trouble the user later. To avoid getting a porous product, people should go for porcelain, bone china, or melamine which have a high resistance capacity and no space for liquid to seep through.

  • Stain Removal And Impact On Quality

Some materials lose their shine when exposed to a stain that is tough to remove. A small section of the product should be exposed to a tough stain, like using soya sauce, and left undisturbed for a few hours to check the material’s stain resistance. A high-quality ceramic glaze coating will not scrub off after a product’s tough cleaning, which is the end goal.

  • Microwave-Proof

People should place the dishware in the microwave with a glass of water on one side and rotate it for some time. If the dish turns hot after a few rotations, it is a sign of a test failure. One should keep the microwaved dish aside to check for cracks or discoloration of the product and decide accordingly.

  • Cost Of The Product

Buying a cheaper utensil set can become an expensive mistake in the form of embarrassment at a party or any other special occasion. Prioritization of quality considerations is a must, even if they come at a slightly higher price. A product that promises durability, sustainability, user convenience, and shine is worth the cost.


People might forget a party but cherish a hearty and warm meal for a long time. One should ensure a comfortable dining experience for people and make it memorable. High-quality dinnerware is the first step toward this goal, and a correct and informed assessment with the help of experts can be a great excuse to host the next big gala.