Self Detox From Drugs – the Dangers and What You Need to Know


Among the latino community across the world there’s a significant problem with drug addiction, particularly in more deprived areas of communities. It’s a huge challenge to try and solve this problem, with less capital for people to take time off work and pay for treatment.

However, there is a real need for many to receive help with their addiction, with the likes of prescription drug addiction especially rife among the latin community. But where do you turn to to get help if it’s unaffordable?

Detoxing at home is one option, but an option many drug rehab centres do warn about, with significant risks that can be potentially life threatening. That’s due to the fact that the side effects of withdrawal can be quite heavy going and cause a number of complications depending on the drug being withdrawn from.

However, if detoxing at home is what you’re most comfortable with, then there are certain things you can do to help aid that process and ensure you do it as safely as possible. That largely lies in the preparation…

Create a support system

It’s likely you will have friends and family who already know you have a problem, and they’ll be keen to see you do something about that. They can provide a great support system and developing one can be crucial when it comes to both detox and recovery.


For the detox element of your addiction treatment, having people around you can help in a number of ways. Firstly, there’s safety. If people are in your home, then should you need medical assistance they can get that. Secondly, they can provide company through the difficult times and also ensure you’re still getting the food and nutrients you need for your body to battle the withdrawal effectively.

Get rid of any drugs in your home

Again, before you start the withdrawal process, ensure that all substances you’re addicted to are removed from your home. There will be periods during your detox where you will suffer from severe cravings and if there are drugs in the home, you’ll inevitably seek them out. Using your support network, you need to battle through those cravings and get to the other side of it.

What’s also important, is that you completely remove drugs not only from your home, but completely off your property. The last thing you want to be doing is rooting through your dustbin looking for drugs in your hour of need.

Give yourself time

Detoxing and the recovery process isn’t easy and there is no set time in which it takes to become clean and ready to enter the “real world”. You need to give yourself plenty of time to concentrate solely on your recovery. That means cancelling any engagements and taking the time off work you need.


You need to ensure there’s no undue stress at what is a vital part of your recovery. Any stress can lead to relapse pretty quickly.